How to Meet Girls in Austin and Enjoy Casual Sex: A Guide

May 2, 2023 Rory Pollard

Many people are now interested in hookups. But why? First of all, it is a great way to have fun and enjoy unforgettable sex with no obligations. If you want to find the best dating sites in Austin, you are just in the right place: I, Austin Backer, will tell you all about Austin hookups.

Austin Hookups

Why Did I Decide to Look for Hookups in Austin?

Austin is indeed a beautiful destination, so I decided to try my luck here! I have chosen this city as I noticed an impressive number of sexy hotties looking for Austin hookups. I used two strategies: dating sites Austin and Austin bars. I can say for sure now that dating sites are much better for those interested in Austin hookups. But I decided to list both sites and some bars: after all, some may want to try to find Austin hookups offline. 

Hookup Sites With Hot Austin Girls: Finding a Hookup in Austin Is Easy

So, how do you get laid in Austin? If you wish to do it online, you can safely use the list I prepared: these are the best options that increase your chances of finding an Austin hookup significantly.

Flirt main page is a singles exchange for anyone looking for exciting online flirts or casual dates, as well as for Austin hookups. was launched in 2018 and, despite its young age, already has over 40,000 members. In my test, is a leader, particularly because there is a lot going on on the dating portal. Your chances of finding a hookup Austin are pretty high here.

All important navigation points can be found quickly here, which ensures finding an Austin hookup will be easy. It can also be reported with good clarity. This is paired with an appealing and harmonious design. Therefore, is also highly recommended for Internet newcomers willing to find hookups in Austin. If you want to use on the go to find Austin hookups, you can use the mobile version. Unfortunately, there is no separate app yet.

Registering with this Austin hookup platform is very fast, very easy, and takes only a few minutes: the Austin hookup website first asks to indicate whether you are looking for a man or a woman. Then you enter your gender, age, and postcode, a user name is selected, a password is set, and the e-mail address is specified. After confirming the e-mail address, the user account at is opened, and you only have to fill out your profile.

Around 40,000 members are currently registered at Most members are between 30 and 40 years old. However, among members aged 45 to 55, there are significantly more women than men registered.

Users on this platform want non-binding flirts and meetings, which makes it a perfect choice for those interested in hookups in Austin. 
There are no hidden costs after registration.
Real profiles with real photos.
If members really want to use all functions without restriction, then a paid subscription must be concluded.


Instabang main page

Instabang is not the best sex club Austin, but it is definitely one of the best places for those interested in Austin hookups. This Austin hookup platform has an incredible activity for a hookup dating site. On average, there are more than 19,700 daily registrations. The total number of registered users is over two million people. Members try to make different types of connections, talk, have virtual sex, and watch videos every second. The most active users post daily on a Trending Now page.

With regard to the location, the Instabang report states that over 1,200,000 visitors live in the USA. There are many sexy Austin girls here.

However, you can also meet people from Canada, Australia, New Zealand, and European countries such as Great Britain, Germany, France, etc. Instabang users are scattered all over the world, but you can find someone to talk to and contact almost instantly. The Austin hookup site uses location search and shows the proximity of a particular person.

Simple connections.
Hot men and women.
Dedicated and flirtatious users.
No censorship, so hot content is present.
One million two hundred thousand customers from the USA.
Quite a young audience.
More than 2,000,000 visitors worldwide.
High activity.
Kinky content.
Worldwide website for all nations and races.
Fake profiles may be met on this Austin hookup site.
Viewing pages is a paid function.


NaughtyDate main page

Online dating is booming now. The choice is huge, and users don’t know which dating portal to choose.

The Austin hookup site Naughtydate specializes in a very specific clientele: here, the search is not for great love but rather for beautiful hours in togetherness. The success proves the dating portal right: in the meantime, the stock exchange has turned from a niche portal into one of the world’s most successful partner exchanges, where people find partners every minute.

The heart of this is the intuitive search function, which allows users interested in Austin hookups to find the right partner. Users can easily enter age, body stature, and other characteristics and get hundreds of partner suggestions from the surrounding area in seconds. There is an incredible number of hot Austin girls here.

If you want it more efficient, you can also send mass messages to a large number of members at the same time. This ensures that you receive a large number of replies with just one message. As a result, you will find a hookup in Austin quickly.

It has a quick setup.
Moderators regulate the Austin hookup site.
You get free chats upon sign-up.
You need to pay to sign up for this Austin hookup platform.
Their staff profiles may send people random messages.
No mobile app available.


AdultFriendFinder home page

AdultFriendFinder is an American platform for sex contacts, which was founded in 1996 and has since gained a huge number of members. It is indeed one of the best hookup sites Austin. In addition to unique sex contacts, one can also find side jumps and affairs here. 

This Austin hookup site can score points above all due to the ability to get in touch with other users in many different ways. This Austin hookup site is also ideal for finding sex contacts worldwide. For example, if you are on vacation, you can also use the platform to find beautiful women to get laid with. Lots of hot girls in Austin are waiting for you here!

Hardly any other platform has as many members as AdultFriendFinder: more than 93 million members are currently registered here worldwide. All age groups are represented among the members. However, most users are aged 25 to 35.

Although men are in a slight surplus at this Austin hookup site, the number of women registered here is large. It is, therefore, no problem to find new contacts as quickly as possible. In addition, most members are logged in to AdultFriendFinder to find a fling, affair, or sexual contact. Therefore, the photos of the members on the platform are rather permissive. If you want to register to look for a permanent relationship, you are wrong here. But if you are looking for a place to find sex, you will definitely say: “I got laid in Austin!” a few days or even hours after free registration.

A huge number of members: countless potential sex contacts worldwide.
Wide range of functions.
Simple and quick registration.
App for mobile use is available.
Different pricing models for premium features with fair costs.
The high response rate among members.
Some of the profiles also include advertising profiles.


Together2Night main page

Together2Night is an Austin hookup site originally created for casual games and sex. This hookup Austin site is a great chance to get laid Austin: there are many Austin sexy girls here. 

It was founded in 2015 and is considered one of the best-known and highest-quality adult dating platforms in the modern world. While the Austin hookup site is mainly used for virtual connections, flirts, and one-night stands, some also use the Austin hookup site specifically to search for a soulmate.

The hookup Austin platform welcomes you to the world of online flirtation. This Austin hookup site acts as a dedicated platform on which men and women can search for playful encounters without ties or promises. The Austin hookup site has more than one million users from all over the world; Together2Night has become one of the points of contact for open-minded members to search for similar users.

Many additional tools are available on the Austin hookup platform.
The interface is incredible.
Account managers are available around the clock.
All services are quickly accessible.
All important means of communication are available.
The platform is restricted in most developing countries.
Membership is pretty expensive.
Together2Night has many spam and fake profiles.

Top Benefits of Getting Acquainted via Dating Sites

As I have mentioned, I recommend Austin dating sites to all those willing to find Austin hookups. The best dating sites Austin provide excellent security, lots of helpful features, and ease of use. But the main thing is that you know the intentions of your interlocutor from the very beginning. Below, I list some benefits of the best dating sites for Austin. 

Meet People at Any Time

We would like to believe in romantic movies when a princess meets her prince accidentally, but given the modern rhythm of life, it can barely be expected. 

“This is one of the great advantages of dating apps: you meet people at any time in any place.”

Finding hookups Austin is really pleasant if you know what Austin hookup sites to choose.

The Border of the Virtual

With dating apps, you will no longer have to procrastinate for 30 minutes with “Am I going to approach this girl or not? ». Shy people do not dare to go see the person who makes them horny: it is much easier to seduce someone behind a small screen and get to know him or her little by little. It also avoids the discomfort when you realize once you sit in front of a person that you have nothing in common with it! You can easily stop communication whenever you wish. Thus, finding like-minded people is much easier with Tinder in Austin (or any other Austin hookup site). 

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See the Profiles Who Are Looking for the Same Thing as You

“Many hookup Austin dating sites allow you to add a short description to your profile, particularly on the relationship you are looking for. This allows you to quickly identify what he or she is looking for in order to avoid any misunderstanding.”

The chances of meeting someone on the same wavelength, or at least who shares your vision of the ideal relationship, are multiplied. So, finding Austin hookups becomes a poor pleasure.

New People Every Day and Everywhere

Every day, new people register on Austin hookup sites, which means that you can meet anywhere in the world and find a profile that perfectly (or almost) matches yours. Sexy Austin girls are waiting for you!

What Bars Can I Safely Recommend in Austin?

As I have mentioned, bars, restaurants, and other places like this are not the best options for those interested in Austin hookups. But I gave those a try! So, here is my rating of bars people looking for Austin hookups or simply want to find like-minded individuals can visit. The vibrant nightlife here will satisfy you, that’s for sure.

The Red Room Salon

This bar in the basement can be a little rustic and industrial, but it is also comfortable and chic inside. The intimate lounge bar has comfortable leather sofas and cabins combined with the right shade of red ambient lighting. 

Red Room Lounge not only has one of the best wine selections in the Austin area but also has many sommeliers who know everything you may want to learn about wine. They will help you find the right bottle for you, and there is a very large inventory, both in terms of price and flavor. Share a bottle with friends by snacking on the cheese platter, crab donuts, lobster patties, and other gourmet appetizers. There are also many beautiful girls you can usually meet only on a dancefloor, so give it a try. A diverse crowd will impress you.

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Mug Shots

This place in the city center is everything you could wish for a casual showup. It is also pretty good for those eager to find a hookup in Austin. There are offers on drinks and food, and the bar has an incredible jukebox with a wide choice. If you prefer, you can create your own music on Open Mic Mondays. 

Apart from their supreme beer collection, Mug Shots is best known for the photo booth, so go ahead and create your own “Mug Shots Memories.” Have a drink on the patio or play billiards indoors – there are plenty of ways to have fun at the Mug Shots. Here, you can meet cougars, and singles groups, so it is a great place to meet single women interested in Austin hookups. 

Firehouse Lounge

The Firehouse Lounge & Hostel is located in a place that was once a fire station in Austin. Although it has been converted into a modern cocktail bar, it still retains much of its historical charm and speakeasy atmosphere. Also, the living room is accessible from a hidden library entrance located in the lobby. Guests and visitors can go back in time and enjoy cocktails from the Prohibition period, as well as jazz and blues shows. The menu is small but offers great sandwiches and appetizers for those who are hungry. The best thing about Firehouse is that after a long night, you can rent a room and enjoy rest (or hot sex with one of the older women that visit this place frequently) upstairs. Spending time here is a pure pleasure. 

Moonshine Patio Bar & Grill

The Moonshine Patio is both a restaurant and a bar. You can taste nearly 20 beers, 15 types of bourbon, 13 kinds of whisky, and a variety of tequila, vodka, and gin. Try different flavors from places like Kentucky, North Carolina, Tennessee, and Texas. The bartenders are very competent and friendly, so don’t be afraid to ask for advice to make the right choice. 

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Bar Driskill

Located in the 4-star downtown Driskill hotel, the Driskill Bar and Lounge is the place where Texas meets the traditional class. The decor includes cowhide sofas, mounted longhorns, and cowboy statues paired with sculptural columns and marble floors. If you are a hotel guest or a passerby in the city center, stop for a drink. Sip a signature cocktail while enjoying a show of country and folk music. If you want to find a hookup in Austin, it is one of the best places.


Wink quickly established itself as the trendiest place in Austin’s city center. Casual hookups in Austin can also be found here. Enjoy delicious gourmet cuisine and refined wines in a relaxed environment. The establishment serves fresh seafood such as scallops and mussels, salted salmon, and more. Dine on tasty lamb chops and duck, or try some of the vegetarian options available. No matter what you order, a delicious bottle of wine will perfectly accompany your meal. 

Easy Tiger

Easy Tiger is two restaurants in one. If you want to find a hookup in Austin, you can try to do it here. Enter to discover a German bakeshop and a beer garden. Taste homemade bread, pretzels, sausages, corned beef, and more. Spend the morning for breakfast, have a coffee or tea and a delicious pastry, then come back later in the evening for a happy hour after work. Try special cocktails, whisky, bourbon, wine, or one of the 33 draft beers available.

Austin Texas. America’s Coolest City and Live Music Capital of the World


So, if you are looking for a hookup in Austin and are interested in a one night stand, free Austin sites are the best. You can easily diversify your sex life with their help. With the help of services of this type, you can find anyone: college girls that men often admire on a dance floor only, older ladies interested in younger guys, etc. All in all, you can meet diverse people with the help of Austin hookup sites.