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May 2, 2023 Rory Pollard

Top matchmaking websites for one-night stand or sexual needs satisfaction are trendy nowadays. So it is clear why reviews for adults are so popular and numerous. Some of them were written by competitors, so the positive ratings were average. The other part is written by fans of the platform, focusing on the positive aspects only. In this BeNaughty review, we have prepared an objective assessment of the site’s qualities.


You will learn trustworthy facts about various qualities by reading the following text. Both positive and less obvious ones. We’ll tell you what makes this platform great and unique and what needs improvement. What developer’s solutions are great, and what services clients ignore.

We will highlight the fundamental factors of this hook up website’s success. Firstly, it is the process of registering a new account for sex lovers. Secondly, we observe free and paid features for a greater communication experience with a potential hookup partner. Thirdly, you will learn about interesting facts, customer support, and many more.

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What Is BeNaughty?

This site is truly a unique example of versatility. The platform combines a bunch of the most diverse types of services for adults. As an example, some reviewers call BeNaughty a dating website with erotic bonuses. Others name it the best “hookup platform” for casual sex. Many reviewers pay attention to the presence of chatrooms, erotic photos, and video galleries. And they are all right in their way. In other words, BeNaughty subscription can and will satisfy most clients’ needs.

After a detailed BeNaughty checking and testing, we are sure that all the above-listed services are indeed present and functional. Also, the site leans toward adult specialization it develops communication options too. It is an important aspect of the massive success of the platform.

So creators did their best to cover two fields: regular interaction with casual sex options. And the constant growth of the mature client’s base proves strategy rightfulness. Therefore, BeNaughty is an excellent website for fulfilling one’s sexual desires and fantasies.

Pros And Cons Of BeNaughty



BeNaughty features

Overall BeNaughty Rating

Registered Users Base8/10
Active users base8/10
Free features8/10
Good for hookup9/10
Customer Support10/10

Is BeNaughty Legit?

BeNaughty is a completely legal site in the vast majority of countries around the world. The platform is operated by Kaleton Web, a company registered in Bratislava, Slovakia, European Union. It allows a site to work in the huge European market.

And to legally function in other parts of the world, the website uses the norms of British law. When developing the platform, the creators relied on the United Kingdom Information Protection Act of 1998. Since the website follows all legal norms, getting a license was an easy task.

Of course, users must take into account the laws of the countries from which the site is accessed. A good example is some countries in the Middle East and Southeast Asia where using hookup sites may be difficult. Some local authorities say that it contradicts local traditions and norms.

In addition to the above, the platform owners genuinely care about their security and reputation. That is why the BeNaughty dating website only uses licensed tools and cooperates with legally working web partners. As a result, during the entire existence of the company, it did not fall into any scandals. And it has not been noticed in any illegal affairs.

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BeNaughty Sign Up Process

The vast majority of hook up or dating sites choose one of three popular procedures. The first option is the fastest and lets the client finish an authorization using existing Google, Facebook, or Instagram accounts. This method takes a few seconds and will confirm a person’s adulthood.

The second concept involves a quick registration (up to five minutes) with the answer to several questions. This option allows you to maintain anonymity and is the most common in the industry.

The third option is the longest (more than 5 minutes) and includes a voluminous questionnaire. The advantage of this method is a final result – a detailed profile and more accurate matchmaking. Adult service providers often suggest a sexual preference questionnaire to successfully registered users for customer convenience. It is made to save clients time and attention.

BeNaughty developers choose a second, quick and convenient concept. In company wisely suggested that mature users would appreciate this option the most. The process is totally free and anonymous. Successful sign-up continues, with customer indicating gender, age, and preferred sex. The next step is as simple and requires email and country of residence. The third stage is common for any internet user – creating a memorable password. And to start using the platform, it is enough to click the BeNaughty log in button.

Interesting Facts About BeNaughty Website

BeNaughty find your love

Are There Real Matches On BeNaughty Dating Site?

This simple question interests many experienced users of dating sites. After all, those lovely websites often appear on the Internet as beautiful platforms that have almost everything. Everything but real users to interact with and to have casual sex with. Fortunately, BeNaughty is a great resource that truly cares about its customers. That is why thousands of active users worldwide are registered on the site.

When sharing their experience, registered clients say that to have a successful match, the user must follow simple rules. Firstly, fill out the registration form in detail. Secondly, honestly indicate your desires, preferences, and search region. Thirdly, be proactive and write to potential partners yourself.

To exclude fake users, site administrators conduct constant checks and moderation. An important factor in the success of such activities is the help of customer service. Administrators listen to suggestions and quickly respond to user comments. The priority is to create conditions for real matches.

In conclusion, the truth about BeNaughty is simple – the platform offers access to thousands of real users. All that is required from the client is to honestly fill out the registration form and communicate with the matches. By the way, on the site, you can find a lot of information that will help to complete the correspondence successfully.

What Is Like, For New Users?

BeNaughty is a great platform that easily satisfies both experienced and new users. Care for the client’s comfort and a pleasant impression arise immediately during registration. Also, the registration form is very simple and minimalistic. It saves time and allows clients to look for a partner as soon as possible.

Finding a man or woman for a relationship is also very simple. The platform interface is user-friendly and repeats the traditional solutions of popular social networks. Such a move is an absolute advantage because the new client will not have to wander through the site map.

The website is made in several colors and pleases with the absence of advertisements. The partner search filter is impressive with its diversity. At the same time, in just a few clicks, you can set up an individual search that will meet your preferences.

Such approaches explain how BeNaughty works so successfully in the overflowing dating site market. Particularly effective work is carried out in matters of attracting new customers. While doing a review of BeNaughty, we become sure that the platform is ideal for finding a partner. And it doesn’t matter if you are experienced or new to the adult dating industry.

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What Is BeNaughty Cost Ranges?

TermFull PricePrice Per Day
3 daysUSD 2,97USD 0,99
1 monthUSD 28USD 0,91
3 monthUSD 46USD 0,51
6 monthUSD 74USD 0,41

BeNaughty Free Features

The variety of free features is of interest to many potential users. And it is a logical curiosity since we all want to ensure that a product or service meets our wants and needs. That is why the site developers offer the client a list of services that are available without spending money. BeNaughty account allows users to perform the following actions:

This list is incomplete, but it can give you an idea of ​​the free services. In general, with the help of these options, you can fully use the site if you are a woman. If you are a man, then choose one of the packages listed above. And familiarize yourself with the advantages of the website.

How Does BeNaughty Work In Customer Support Field

Customer support is a section of BeNaughty that is particularly effective. Employees responsible for communications with clients are high-quality professionals. And this statement is based not only on our experience but also on the feedback of hundreds of users. When having questions or encountering errors during the operation of the site. Or for any other reasons, you can always contact the site administration. Customer service works 24 hours a day, without days off.

Currently, there are two ways to communicate with customer service. The first option is the internal chat of the site. With its help, you can get answers to questions or complain about minor inconveniences. Use the second option if the question is complex or requires a sizable complicated answer. This option consists of correspondence by email.

Both options become available after clicking on the “contact us” icon located at the bottom of the main page. Customer support services can be provided in different languages, but the main one is English, so the first message should be written in English.

Also, new users are often advised to familiarize themselves with the Q&A section. After all, according to BeNaughty customer service, this section contains answers to 90% of clients’ questions.

BeNaughty app

Is BeNaughty Site Worth It?

For people who want to find a casual sex partner, have adult communication, or the realization of erotic fantasies, the BeNaughty dating website will be a great tool. And such a statement has many reasons. We considered the most important ones above, but it is worth highlighting the main characteristics of the platform.

First of all, it is worth noting that for a specialized hookup platform, BeNaughty has many members (more than 100k active ones). The majority of resource users live in North America and Europe. There are also many users in other parts of the planet.

From a technical point of view, the site looks perfect. It has a beautiful and simple design, without pop-up advertising windows. The user-friendly interface allows you to focus on flirting, communication, and finding a partner for a one-night stand. New BeNaughty users also note the simple and quick registration process.

The pricing policy is also a good quality of BeNaughty. The site offers customers all the typical services of sex dating sites at average prices. But at the same time, free services are available to new users to familiarize themselves with the site’s functionality. To attract a female audience, the absolute majority of services are free. Thanks to this move, the ratio of men to women on the website is narrowing each month.

Customer service will come in handy if the client has questions, needs advice or help. This aspect of the platform works flawlessly and deserves top marks.

Considering this and many other nuances, we believe BeNaughty is fully worth it. And to ensure everything we wrote, you should register and use the website services.