A Genuine Biggercity.Com Review

May 2, 2023 Rory Pollard

What is Biggercity.com? Biggercity is a dating platform that caters to the needs of gay and bisexual men. However, the site has a very specialized target audience. People who like chubs and bears are among them. Fans of curvy men and hairy guys will enjoy this website. Unlike other dating sites, this website does not attempt to restrict any content. As a result, the website has a very sexual and liberated feel that Biggercity users enjoy. 


When you join Biggercity dating website, you won’t have to deal with crazy rules. You will have virtually unlimited freedom to upload whatever you want in your galleries. You can also engage with other people on the blogs without fearing being abrasive. There is nothing wrong with this type of engagement because everyone here is a fan of the same thing, so they like it. The following review of Biggercity dating site will provide everything you need to know about the website.

What Is Biggercity?

Gay and bisexual guys who have a particular interest in chubs/bears can meet each other on Biggercity. The dating service specializes in this niche market. However, it is unnecessary to be a chub/bear for you to join Biggercity, but most members are chubs/bears. According to Biggercity.com reviews, more than a third of profiles on the site identify themselves as chubs, chasers, or bears.

Due to its superb services, the site has gained millions of users. It has users in 160 countries. However, most of its members are from the United States and the United Kingdom. In addition, the platform mainly aims to cater to the needs of Caucasian guys between the ages of 35 and 50. When you join Biggercity, you will find many active members. However, they do not make the first move. Therefore, you can only get to know them through the community features.

The good thing about Biggercity is that it is diverse. It caters to the needs of those looking for long-term connections, casual hookups, and those who want to fulfill their sexual fantasies. Using the Biggercity website is an exciting way to meet new people. The site is distinct from others because of its tone and content. Using this platform will see tons of adult content and not many limitations on what people publish. Therefore, the site has a mellow pornographic vibe that those who join enjoy. Thus, if you want a place to quench your sexual thirst, Biggercity is the place to be.

Biggercity main page

Biggercity does its best to facilitate individuals who share that fetish to communicate and meet others. The site also accommodates people who prefer a more light-hearted approach to the site’s material. You can find hundreds of pages of valuable and intriguing content on the site’s fantastic blog. People looking for more deep connections and long-term relationships will also get what they want.

In a nutshell, Biggercity is a place where everyone can feel comfortable. If you’re looking to interact with other users who share your interest in kink, this is your place. Sections are also available if you’re looking for something more personal and meaningful. And, of course, this is a proper place to meet guys for long-term partnerships. Many options and sections are available to suit everyone’s needs.

The platform has additional features that make it stand out. Unlike most websites, this one allows you to publish external connections to your pages and encourages you to stay on the site. You can find personal social media profiles, blogs, businesses, and other entities. Users may also post on the Biggercity website’s blog, which is versatile and engaging. In addition to writing articles, they can also write novels and stories. Commenting on those postings is also another way to get involved.

Many Biggercity users enjoy the mature content on this site. That lends the website a distinctly sexy vibe. Some people may find this a little discouraging, but most people enjoy it. As if that wasn’t enough, it also offers free text messaging. Biggercity will not charge you for using the messaging feature, unlike many other websites.

The Advantages And Disadvantages Of Using Biggercity Dating Platform



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Overall Biggercity Rating

The following is the rating of the Biggercity hookup site.

Quality Matches 7.6/10
Features 9.5/10
Ease of use9.5/10
Support 8/10
Cost 9/10

Is Biggercity Legit?

The truth about Biggercity is that it is one of the most reputable homosexual sites. It has provided excellent services to people looking for homosexual men for many years. Biggercity dating site evaluations have been complimentary about the validity of the website. It has many users because it provides a legit platform to meet real people and satisfy your needs. In addition, it has measures to curb fake profiles on the website.

Biggercity Sign Up Process

According to Biggercity reviews, it is simple and free to join Biggercity. Even with the email verification, it will only take a few minutes of your time. Creating a Biggercity account is a straightforward process that requires only a few simple questions about your username, preferences, physique, and age. However, if you are below the age of 18, you will be unable to register on the website.

The precautions to prevent the creation of false profiles are Captcha and email verification. Once you finish the registration, you will use your Biggercity log in credentials to get into the platform and enjoy every bit of the site.

Exciting Facts About Biggercity That You Should Know

These are some of the Biggercity facts that you might not have known.

Biggercity community

Matches On Biggercity: Can You Find Real Matches On The Platform?

Yes, there are. You will see all the information you’d expect to see in the profiles. There’s also the question of where you’ve stored your photos. Biggercity app, on the other hand, verifies each user’s photos before publishing them. Therefore, it may take some time to see them on your profile after uploading one. The website’s verification ensures that those joining the platform are real people. Therefore, you can be sure that the matches you get are genuine.

How Does Biggercity Work? The Ease Of Using Biggercity Dating Site

Most people wonder if it is easy to use Biggercity dating website. The platform’s design allows users to navigate through the website with ease. The design and usability are excellent. On the flip side, the layout and transitions can make the design appear clumsy due to its aged appearance. However, this does not detract from the overall enjoyment of the website. There are no issues with the tools, and this site does an excellent job of handling traffic loads.

Chat rooms and blog posts are frequent places where thousands of people can interact simultaneously without noticeable sluggishness or slowdown. Whatever the case may be, the overall effect is high quality. The design is familiar, with all the tabs and options a dating service should have. 

You will see how many people are now online on the profile page. In addition, you can use a simple search bar to refine your results. Moreover, you will find the key tabs for navigation in the upper right corner of the page. On the “Community Features” page, you’ll see various options for “Community Features,” including chat, galleries, and bulk males.

Furthermore, there is a section on the left side of the website where you may access your profile, your inbox, your city messenger, or log out of the service. Below that, you’ll find other sections devoted to improving your communication skills. Profiles, matches, and “currently online” are the most common terms.

How Much Does Biggercity Cost

When you compare Biggercity.com and other dating sites, you will find that Biggercity is average. The good thing is that you can be sure that you will get the value for your money since you will get superb services. The following are the prices of premium membership.

DurationCost Per Month Total 
1 Month 7.99 USD/Month 7.99 USD
3 Months6.66 USD/Month 19.99 USD
6 Months 5.00 USD/Month 29.99 USD 
12 Months 4.17 USD/Month 49.99 USD

Features That You Will Find In Biggercity

Most of Biggercity’s unique features are based on contributions from the general public. The features align with the company’s stated goal of creating a community. Here are some of the features.

Biggercity success stories


You can see and contribute your own erotic or sexually explicit images and videos to the website’s gallery. Premium members are the only ones who can see the whole gallery. However, free members can view thumbnails.

An Online Catalog Of Blogs And Websites

Other members can find personal blogs and web pages belonging to Biggercity members in a directory. However, despite its reputation as a website for discussing mature topics, most posts and websites are actually about the users’ opinions, ideas, and lifestyles. Cooking recipes, erotic novels, and movie reviews are examples of this.

A Chat Room For All To Use

You can interact with other members in public chat rooms. If you want to broadcast your webcam footage to other members, you can establish a private chatroom and do so. You can also hold discussions on particular topics in the chat rooms.

Customer Support

Any dating service needs to ensure the comfort of its members. A good dating platform ensures that its members feel at ease while utilizing the service. Providing dependable support services is one method of ensuring consumers’ well-being. Biggercity has made a point of assembling a reliable customer service team for its members. It ensures that the support crew is available around the clock to help members with any issues.

Biggercity.com users believe that Biggercity has some of the best customer services of any dating website. The customer service staffs have the necessary training and experience to meet the needs of all customers. It has also made it simple to get in touch with its members by providing various options.

Biggercity app

Is Biggercity Worth It?

Yes, it is, especially if you are into adult content. Understandably, this website doesn’t allow anyone under eighteen to register. There is a lot of pornographic content on the site that is inappropriate for younger users, aside from the apparent hookup aspect. Furthermore, the chat room and the user’s galleries can become extremely tense. If you want a place to explore your sexuality and connect with others who share your interests, this is your place.

The anonymity provided when purchasing the service is something that many consumers will appreciate. Regardless of how you pay, you will get a receipt from their parent firm, and the payment will get labeled as software services.

In the grand scheme of things, it’s a great place to meet new people. It’s possible to make friends despite the obnoxious sexual undertones. Virtual families are the platform’s most common description, both from prior and current users. As soon as you visit the site, you’ll realize how kind and friendly everyone is.

It’s a great place to hang out, whether on blogs, forums, or simply conversing with other people. That also contributes to the site’s sexy vibe. You’ll be more willing to share and try new things if you’re comfortable. Everyone here loves chubs and bears, which is one of the best parts about the Biggercity site. In addition, the signup process is simple and free. Moreover, you will have everything to ensure you have the best online dating experience.


If you were asking what Biggercity.com is, you have your answer. The above review shows you how good the site is and how it has done a great job of catering to the needs of gay individuals. Definitely, a great place to experience amazing relationships both long-term and short-term. You can be sure that you will get what you are looking for on the site when you sign up.