Trustworthy Review Of Blued

May 2, 2023 Rory Pollard

Blued is the most visited online gay platform in the world. With the number of profiles reaching an incredible 40 million gay users. And this figure continues to grow. Even compared to market giants, Blued dating website shows great results. After all, the gay community represents 3-5% of the total members of society, which is a significant percentage. This gay sex and dating site started with a few million members in 2012, and over the past ten years, it has grown tenfold.


Although the history of creation was not cloudless and easy, the project’s future seems grand. As well as the inspiring life story of the creator of this dating and sex-finding site. It is worth noting that the project was created in China, where the gay community is only getting recognition. However, the speed with which it is happening motivates and raises hope. Especially after learning the story of the Blued founder Gang Le, who lost his job, friends, and family but did not break and revived like a phoenix. All of these troubles have been caused by society’s rejection of his sexual orientation, but he is now a world-renowned and respected figure by millions.

Gang Le devoted himself entirely to the project, and in four years, the Blued dating site’s market capitalization grew to an outstanding 600 million dollars. To date, the company’s capitalization level is constantly growing, so experts estimate that it may reach an impressively high 5 billion USD. It is a success story, from persecution and oblivion to prosperity and worldwide recognition.

Blued is one of those rare dating and sex platforms with a well-made website that plays a nominal role. Or the role of the skillful and beautiful advertiser of social or sex services. There are well-visualized links to download the app and advertise the platform. By the way, you can download Blued applications at the Apple Store and Play Market. So, you can enjoy your favorite gay social network using IOS and Android.

With a huge number of features, the application is relatively small, which is great news. Just imagine, the download size is an impressive 75 megabytes. Which is an excellent size for a modern social networks app. The application is free, which is another advantage, although several paid services will be available to customers after installation. By the way, funds for such services are withdrawn only once because the platform cares about any Blued member and protects them from hidden monthly payments. It once again proves the greatness of this site among seekers of gay sex or serious relationship.

Blued main page

What Is Blued?

Although many people perceive Blued exclusively as a great dating site and sex finder, this is not the case. More precisely, not only. Of course, the features inherent in typical similar platforms are present in this resource. But the differences are still much more remarkable. Blued is much larger and more versatile than its competitors. In addition to the standard profile page and messenger, the site has many additional features that turn Blued from the category of dating and gay sex sites to the class of international social networks. By the way, the company has recently expanded and opened offices in India and the UK.

Many competitors operate with the only noble mission, to introduce members to each other. Sometimes the emphasis is on a serious relationship, and sometimes on casual sex. But Blued went much further in its development and became sex, dating, self-express platform, and much more. Adding to all the above, exceptional service, user-friendly interface, and smooth operation of all systems, it becomes clear what are the platform’s success reasons.

Pros And Cons Of The Blued Dating Site



Blued features

Overall Blued Rating

Ease of Use8/10
Profiles Quantity10/10
Real Profiles9/10

Is Blued Legit?

Blued is a completely legal platform in all developed and civilized countries. Exceptions may be states where homosexuality and sex content are considered controversial. But such states are an absolute minority, so gays can safely download and use Blued to find sex partners, adult broadcasts, or serious relationships.

By the way, unlike many online projects created in China, Blued is completely legal in the West, Oceania, and India. It is considered one of the safest programs for adult content in the world. So many Blued reviews give only the highest marks to this project.

Blued is known for its attentiveness to the security of members and their personal data. As an example, the user’s profile and sex content are fully protected from unregistered individuals. This feature can be considered fundamental security-wise, both for members and the underaged. Another great aspect of Blued security lays in sending all the information via the ultrasafe SSL protocol. This step makes the user’s correspondence, media files, and adult content fully protected. Even though many wouldn’t pay much attention to this aspect, the legality of an app highly depends on the platform’s security.

Another, not obvious to many but great for sex content users (from conservative countries), are the following steps to protect members’ privacy. Firstly, Blued does a marvelous thing by limiting users from taking screenshots. And second wise step – followers can enjoy watching someone’s video. Copying of videos was restricted, and it is a clever privacy protection act. Another reason for such a move was to meet all legal requirements of a few countries.

Blued Sign Up Is Easy

By the way, the form of registration on this platform is of an easy level of “complexity” and can be finished in no time. When creating a profile, only eleven mandatory lines are required to fill up. It is one of the smallest and most user-friendly amounts of fill-up lines. And for those who have Google or Facebook accounts, the easiest and fastest registration is available. After both types of registration, Blued log in process will take an impressive one click. 

If the client decides to choose the standard registration method, he fills up answers to the small list of simple questions. As example:

This list was wisely composed for special purposes by experienced specialists. Firstly, those questions intend to protect undergraduates from potential sex content. Second, they will help you find a sex partner or a friend. Thirdly, by registering in a classic way, the client creates a completely new and unique Blued account separate to profiles on other social networks.

Blued Testimonials

Interesting Facts About Blued Dating Site

Are Blued Users Real?

The vast majority of app users are real mature people interested in sex and dating. Such a confident and generous statement is confirmed by personal observations and numerous reviews. In addition, you can easily check the reality of an account by viewing the user’s media albums. Live broadcasts are another feature that will help determine the reality and profile performance.

Compared to other top social networks, Blued is a leader with a very small number of fake accounts. It is why those few are harmless for an ideal reputation of the best dating platform for gays. Also, platform administration and moderators are successfully dealing with those few. In general, the large number of real accounts is one of the reasons for such popularity among sex and relationship seekers.

Is Blued Good For Amatuer Users?

The platform can pleasantly surprise you with its features and services. This resource may seem like a high-quality social network for a new user accustomed to the typical dating sites and sex chats. And it is a true statement. Typical dating sites mainly offer customers two popular services, a chat, and a photo album. The reviewed app has gone much further in its development and offers users a significant number of additional features:

However, these are just a few of the most prominent features that make Blued stand out from hundreds of other dating platforms.

How Much Blued Cost?

For great customer experience and clarity, the app has an internal currency – coins. Coins can conveniently be bought in packages which are the only aspects of Blued cost. You can easily buy coins through the Apple Store and Play Market.

Coins PackagesEquivalent in USD
42 coins1 USD
125 coins3 USD
550 coins13 USD
1695 coins40 USD
2540 coins60 USD
5510 coins130 USD
8060 coins191 USD
Blued app

Blued Free Features

You can download an app for free. In addition, all major features are free too. However, several interesting additional features have recently been added to the application. And those ones will cost a nicely small amount of coins.

An app implemented all the essential functions and technical solutions typical of most modern dating sites and sex chats. Video calls, photos, and video albums are available in the app. The user can create GIFs, conduct broadcasts, leave audio messages, correspond, and more. In general, a resource can replace for gay-user all other social networks and messengers and help meet friends and sex partners.

Nevertheless, most users identify three main features of an app:

User Nearby

The Blued application uses the geolocation search feature, which is a great advantage for dating and sex apps. Thus, the platform cleverly uses Wi-Fi access points and a browser to determine the approximate distance to a potential one-night stand. Then an immense list of online users appears in order from nearest to farthest. However, if the user’s sexual or physical preferences differ from those offered candidates, finer suggestions will be made. You can lock other profiles yourself. This option is relevant when you need to get rid of a particularly annoying network member.

Live Broadcast

The live broadcast is a great tool to tell your story, share your impressions, experiences, and sex fantasies. And all this can be done in real-time for a massive audience of like-minded people. And thanks to the prevalence of Blued, gays from around the world can share challenges, successes, and unique ways to solve various obstacles in life. This function is also important to sex content creators since they can express their sexuality through live broadcasts.

Blued Messenger

The impressive 40 million users perfectly describe what is in the messenger industry. Blued is filled with stickers and other fun things and is very popular. The application’s operation principle is often superior to the top social networks. It also includes sex chats, cross-platform capabilities (phone, tablet), voice recording, multimedia sharing, and much more.

Blued Customer Support

Customer service is working impressive 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Our review confirms another solid statement of member support provision in 12 languages. You can contact the support team by writing to [email protected] or by clicking on the appropriate icon in the application. The site administration responds very quickly, which indicates concern for the customer’s needs.

Blued application

Is Blued Site Generally Worth It?

An app has an excellent design and a user-friendly interface. The application is made in light tones, which is an ideal choice given the product’s name. It is also worth noting that the developers deliberately abandoned the website’s functioning, focusing all their efforts on the productive work of the application. It was the right decision considering how many new features have appeared recently and how much it would slow down the work of a potential site.

Among the new features are user hookup search with geolocation, live broadcasts, video calls, and chats with many adults, as well as sex stickers, which do not differ in quality from well-known messengers. The app is very responsible for the security of members’ data. And the question “is Blued safe” nowadays becomes funny since SSL protocol makes it a top-level app. In summary, it is safe to say the app is the most popular gay dating and sex-finding app. This platform is definitely worth the attention of gays who look either to fuck or make a friend.