May 2, 2023 Rory Pollard

It is exciting and mysterious to make friends with stars. Dating a celebrity is becoming a common happening nowadays, partly because there are many more celebrities these days than in the past, and partly because many people now have next to free access to celebrities in real life mainly through the internet and social media. If you are just looking for a such quite high standards dating service, we list the top celebrity dating platforms for you. Check the reviews carefully and find your luxury dating today.


➀ Millionaire Match

MillionaireMatch is the world’s largest millionaire dating platform. Which invented the millionaire dating Industry in 2001. During these 18 years of high standards of dating service, this site has brought over 4 million attractive members, including CEOs, pro athletes, doctors, lawyers, investors, entrepreneurs, beauty queens, supermodels, and Hollywood celebrities. MillionaireMatch.com has two exclusive features: “CERTIFIED MILLIONAIRES” and “CELEBRITY & VIP”. There are many famous celebrities in mm, for example, Charlie Sheen just joined MM in 2009. In 2014 and 2015, MillionaireMatch holds FUNDRAISER AT MTV MOVIE AWARD GIFT SUITE IN HOLLYWOOD and participated in the Celebrity Gifting Suite in Beverly Hills. Many celebrities received their VIP Lifetime Memberships! But for privacy protection, we can’t give away their information. It is easy to find a celebrity in MillionaireMatch, but you need to send the “Apply to Meet” request first. Once your request approved by them, you can check the celebrity’s profile and chat with them. MM is currently available on iOS and Android app, if you are interested in dating a celebrity, just check MM out!

Attention: MillionaireMatch does not support escort or sugar dating relationships!

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➁ Seeking

SeekingArrangement is the largest sugar dating site in the world. But because of the impact of the FOSTA-SESTA Bill on sugar daddy platforms, it has made an early transition to successful and attractive dating. Current the brand name is “Seeking”. For over a decade of dating service, Seeking has attracted over 20 million successful, gorgeous members. On SA, you never know who you will meet, the site founder Brandon wade once met a sugar baby who is one of Tiger Wood’s mistresses. I absolutely believe that there are many amazing, famous, and ultra-wealthy people lurking on the website. SA is currently available on the Android app, Mobile and PC site. So no matter you are looking for a serious relationship or just want to find a hookup relationship, seekingarrangement can meet your requirements.

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➂ Raya App

If you are bored with the low-quality dates from Tinder, Match, and Badoo. Then we recommend a high-end and mysterious dating app: Raya. Basically, it’s like any other dating app, but it’s only for famous people. Many fashion magazines have reported Raya. Many movie stars have joined this app, such as Kiernan Shipka, Niall Horan, Zac Efron, Joe Jonas, and Teri Hatcher. You don’t have to be famous to join Raya, but you should be rich or influential in some ways if you’d like to use it effectively. Because Raya is an invite-only dating app. So if you are referred by someone who is already in Raya, your profile is more likely to be approved. Or you will be added to the wait-list and waiting for the review by an anonymous global committee. Raya dating app currently is only available on the Apple store.

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➃ The League App

The League app is launched in 2015. It is more like a social app (not dating) for the rich, the famous and the ambitious. The league organized local events over 50 cities so that their members can meet local celebrities in person. However, it is not easy to join this app, you need to verify your Facebook and Linkedin account. And if you do not pay the upgrade membership fee, you will be added to the wait-list and wait for a long time to use the service, even more than one year sometimes. The League is only available for app service, but you can download it from both Google Play and the Apple store.

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➄ Tinder Select

Tinder is one of the most popular dating apps in the world, but you may not like to meet the good and evil people mixed up with such a product. Then TinderSelect may meet your needs, which only serves the elite users on the app. The members cover from CEOs, supermodels to other hyper-attractive/upwardly affluent types. However, like Raya, Tinder Select is also an invite-only dating app, even you do not know how to join this community. Although you have the tinder account, it does not mean you can use the select service. Because only the TinderSelect users will have the “S” sign. It is reported that Tinder has invited many famous and influenced people to join this community. So if you have the ability to nominate others, or your friends have been in this group, it will be a great opportunity for you.

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