Enjoy life, Don’t get addicted to TikTok

May 2, 2023 Rory Pollard

At the end of a busy day of work after tireless funny short video in the Tiktok, is becoming a new way of leisure entertainment, when you get accustomed to the satisfaction of these handy, spend time on these trivialities of entertainment, it is hard to focus on other things, and these, can be in imperceptible in slowly destroy you.

In the era of Internet celebrities who judge people by their appearance, as long as they are beautiful, they can sing and dance in the camera, they can successfully attract the attention of millions of fans and become Internet celebrities in the TikTok. These seem to be effortless, and they can become winners in life only by opportunism. In this short video popular era, these people are subtly affecting the viewer, will create an intuitive illusion, life without effort illusion, easy to become their own traffic network red.

When you turn on the Tiktok, your mobile phone will be flooded with all kinds of funny short videos, so you can’t stop playing. This kind of visual stimulation and temporary happiness will make you immersed in the TikTok and unable to get rid of yourself. Your time will be slowly drained in this cycle of swiping the TikTok.

In this era of popular swiping the Tiktok, please put down the phone to do what is worth we take the time to do, try to go to the gym, to travel, to date, to read, also can go to enjoy food, don’t indulge in short-sighted happy, otherwise you will miss the life more beautiful scenery, finally failed to live up to the time, only in the past years silently sigh.