Trustworthy EliteSingles Review

May 2, 2023 Rory Pollard

When it comes to finding someone special, there are several ways to go about it. For some, it’s as simple as logging on to the Internet and sending a few messages. For others, seeking sex hookups and fast flings can be quite a challenge. However, with the EliteSingles adult hookup site, you can be sure that you will have a good chance of finding not only the sexiest but also the smartest girlfriends in their 30s and 50s. Dozens of reviews point out that with this great adult hookup site, you can find single people in your area, as well as thousands of single people from other regions and other countries.


By joining this adult hookup site, you will be able to get to know the members in a pleasant and efficient way, and you will be given the opportunity to send messages to anyone who catches your attention. You will be able to create a free profile and enter your age, your current location, and the types of sexy girlfriends you are looking for. You can also upload your favorite photos and discuss hobbies and sex interests. In this review, you will learn how to use this creative adult hookup platform to its fullest. You will also learn the truth about EliteSingles, the registration process, pricing, features, and other important information.

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What Is EliteSingles?

What is This is one of the unique adult dating sites. The uniqueness of this adult dating network is that over 90% of its members are over 30 years old and have higher than secondary education. This is a site dedicated to casual sex. It’s also very, very easy to use. What’s worth noting in this review of EliteSingles is that it was launched in 2013 and is run by the trusted company Spark Networks SE.

One of the main advantages of this adult dating site is that you don’t have to fill out a lot of information. This is because the site asks for your email address and location only in order to accurately match you with potential sexual partners. You can also get all matches within five minutes of logging in. More than 381,000 new users appear on the site every month. This means that you will definitely meet someone who is in the same type of relationship as you.

It is worth noting that, like other adult dating sites, it all starts with registration, which is absolutely free. It is open to men and women of all races and ages. Right after your first EliteSingles log in, you will find that this adult dating app is innovative. Not only is it completely free, but it also has some of the most features on any dating site.

You can use their unique compatibility test to find the person that suits you best. What makes it so special is that you can take the test multiple times and improve your scores by answering each question. Therefore, if a question seems too difficult for you, just answer it again and again until you decide that you have the correct answer.

There are many benefits to using EliteSingles, and they have a dedicated team of experts who can help you every step of the way. They offer their members a dating guarantee for up to two months, so you can be sure that if your date is not for you, they will refund your money. Another great feature is their unique Live Chat which allows you to chat in real-time with your online date. You can use this to communicate as you progress through the site and get to know them better. One of the best things about this adult dating site is that you can meet a lot of people with different backgrounds, interests, and lifestyles.

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Pros and Cons of the EliteSingles Dating Site



Overall EliteSingles Rating

Value for price9.6/10.0
Quality of member9.1/10.0
Ease of use9.3/10.0
Customer satisfaction9.1/10.0

Is EliteSingles Legit?

EliteSingles is a completely legal adult hookup site operated by a trusted American-German dating company Spark Networks SE. Also, in this review, it is worth noting that this adult hookup spot is used mainly by highly educated users. Therefore, it can be concluded that the EliteSingles member chose this adult hookup platform because it is reliable, efficient, and of course, legit.

What Is The Registration Process?

EliteSingles sign up is quick and easy. Simply fill out the following blanks to join this great community of highly-educated single girls:

After that, click the “Get Started” button. By clicking this button, you confirm that you have read the Terms of Use and the Privacy Policy. You also agree that you will receive EliteSingles account notifications, newsletters, and special offers by email.

Some Interesting Facts About EliteSingles

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Are There Real Matches on EliteSingles?

With the rapid growth of the Internet, hundreds of thousands of people from all over the world are now using it to find real matches, sexual connections, and communication. This particular adult dating service caters to people all over the world and is very easy to use, making it truly a worldwide dating portal. 

With that said, the service has grown quite quickly over the past few years, so it’s definitely worth checking out. In order to provide the best service for its users, it has invested a lot of money in training and technology and has created one of the most advanced dating portals on the web today. It was actually founded in 2013 with the aim of providing a dating service for singles and couples to find partners for fast flings and other kinks. EliteSingles users can search for single men or women of their choice by entering their name, zip code, or city, and it allows you to find the man or woman of your dreams with just one click.

How does EliteSingles work? Everything is extremely simple, you can chat with single people and find out what they are looking for in a relationship. When you click on a profile that matches your interests, you will see that it was created by the person who registered on the site and that it has already been sent to their mailbox. Many people can find love using this online dating site. They boast millions of members around the world and many of them have successfully found true love. 

The service is partly free, which means you don’t have to spend anything to use it. Despite the fact that basic free features are enough to set up real matches, users have a great opportunity to upgrade from a basic subscription to a premium one at any time. Premium EliteSingles subscription starts at $19.95 per month. As noted by dozens of EliteSingles reviews, premium users install real matches 20 times more often.

Is EliteSingles Easy To Use?

The method that this particular dating portal uses is called the e-mail pairing process and, according to them, it is one of the best ways to meet someone. According to the experts, this method of matching people has a much higher success rate than the other ones, so you can rest assured that you will meet the right person. It might not seem that there is much of a difference between e-mail pairing and other methods, but this particular service is quite different.

Before you begin using the service, you will need to complete your profile, which takes approximately ten minutes to do. You will also need to answer a few questions that will allow them to find out what you are looking for in a relationship and what is important to you. All of these questions and answers are required in order to make sure that they will match you with the perfect man or woman. This particular site also takes into consideration your geographic location, so it will not match you with singles that are in another country. That is why the site is quite convenient and is meant to be used by people who are interested in finding true love, but who want to avoid the hassle of traveling to meet someone.

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How Much Does EliteSingles Cost?

Membership/CreditsDuration/QuantityPrice per Month/One CreditTotal
Light3 Months$37.95 $113.85 
Classic6 Months$21.95 $131.70 
Comfort12 Months$19.95 $239.40 

Are There Any Free Features?

Free Chat

EliteSingles features an all-chat room where you can talk to new people in a non-threatening environment without talking to anyone else.

Chances to Meet

EliteSingles app has a large pool of quality members from all over the world, and you will get matched with quality members based on your location. If you are looking for a long-term relationship or just a one-night stand, chances are you can find what you are looking for here.

Dating Profile Management 

You can easily edit your profile and update the information there. No more forgetting about the most important details of your profile. You also can create a personal profile in which you can display your most private information like family, hobbies, religion, education, and your thoughts about certain topics.

Advanced Search Engine

Search for your perfect match on a couple of simple criteria like age, location, occupation, and interests. There are also advanced criteria like body type, smoking preferences, body size, ethnicity, and religious preferences.


If you like the idea of a more structured approach to finding a life partner, EliteSingles will find you the perfect match for your values, interests, personality, and lifestyle.

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Customer Support

This great adult hookup site offers invaluable experiences: matching couples based on compatibility, giving relationship advice, and removing inactive users. The staff of this adult hookup site wants you to meet single people who also love sex hookups and other kinks. In addition, for those who have questions about any issue regarding the operation of this adult hookup spot, there is a 24/7 support service. Its helpful customer service team is dedicated to your success and making your online dating experience as easy, safe, and stress-free as possible. Its specialized crew is available to provide individual assistance and answer any technical problems you may have.

Is EliteSingles Worth It?

EliteSingles website has been the leading adult hookup site since 2013. The website offers a full range of matchmaking services, including profiling, compatibility testing, speed dating, and matchmaking. It has a database of over a million members worldwide, with an active forum and regular events such as speed dating and weekly happy hours.

If you’re looking for safe sex hookups and fast flings, EliteSingles has got you covered. The site emphasizes the importance of honesty and transparency, including information about your preferences, interests, and hobbies. Its matchmaking team works very hard to keep matches happy and successful. It’s also worth noting that this popular adult hookup site caters to a wide variety of sexual tastes and preferences. In addition to the premium membership, the site offers free membership and a pay-as-you-go service called the “Elite Singles Pass”.

Whether you’re aiming for a one-night stand relationship or just looking for friends with benefits, Elite Singles is a great place to start. There are no tricks or hidden features here, just simple features that offer a good service. The website is easy to use, well designed, and makes it very clear which users it is intended for. After you sign up and select your profile picture, it will take a few hours to complete the site. After that, you can set up your profile and upload photos or videos. It offers a full range of matchmaking services, including compatibility tests and a personal matcher.

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If you are new to dating sites, you might be wondering how the EliteSingles dating service works. The site works by working with a wide database of profiles. When you add a profile, your details are added to this database. If the site finds someone who matches your criteria, you will be notified by email or in your dating inbox.

EliteSingles has some great features for singles looking for a long-term relationship or looking for friends with benefits. The service takes a unique approach to matchmaking, combined with a database of over a million users, which means you’re more likely to find someone special. Therefore, it is safe to say that Elite Singles is really worth it.