Ferzu Review Updated (2022) – Find the Best Sexy Match

May 2, 2023 Rory Pollard

Ferzu application is a wonderful combination of all fetishes and role-playing sex games in one set. True Ferzu.com reviews will help you figure out how effective Ferzu website is. One way or another, you will be able to find your ideal sex partner when you study in detail Ferzu reviews on the best and reliable sources.


Ferzu dating site focused on “furries”, that is, lovers of fictional creatures that are similar in structure to both people and animals who want extreme sex. A review of Ferzu tells newbie users that this is a great site that is also a social network for all kinds of furries. No matter what fictional creatures you prefer, available Ferzu app will help you kinky and find what you want.

How does Ferzu work? This awesome hookup site has been running for over 5 years and is popular with adult sex users. The truth about Ferzu is that the site is credible. Its amazing members have been reporting activity on the Ferzu dating website lately. For your information, Ferzu is made for furry and cute fans who want laid-back sex.

Ferzu site has a great mobile app and a well-accessible desktop version for chatting, sharing furry interests, and dating. The developers of this great hookup site combined a social network, a dating site, and a forum into one. Is Ferzu good? On this amazing platform, you will find a furry buddy and make new sexual partners who are just like you. This is a great option if you prefer to communicate with the fandom and are going to join this super adult community.

What is Ferzu.com? 

Ferzu presents a well-thought-out and designed adult website, modern social media and adult dating site in one set. The site was launched in June 2016. What is Ferzu? Regular users of the Ferzu site experience the best in their daily activities of viewing nude photos, sending messages to the best candidates for virtual sex, and uploading explicit photo content to the site. After purchasing a paid Ferzu membership, users can upgrade their profile and use all the best features offered without limitations.

Every day, new Ferzu users register on this excellent adult site. They form one of the largest places in the US and other countries. This great site is an ideal place that brings together sexually minded people from all over the world. Many registered users live in major cities. Furthermore, this wonderful hookup site allows you to find your right intimate partner in real-time.

Ferzu main page

It is also important to note the pleasant and polite audience on the site. Therefore, it will be easy to meet perverts of different levels there. Also, on this indispensable hookup application, the search for the perfect Ferzu member is well-implemented. When registering with a great hookup app Ferzu, you enter information about who you would like to find on the site.

The application automatically shows you the profiles of those users who may be of interest to you. If you want to change the search criteria for the best sex partner, this can also be done quite easily. In the filters section, specify refined search criteria and then the partner search will be narrowed down according to your preferences. You can also see who is online and in your area seeking local nymphets who suit you most.

Communication process on the site goes excellent. Ferzu offers a general chat where you may chat with other adult users, send them voice messages or emoticons. This is a very convenient option for frank conversations where everyone wants to express their opinion. When there are too many interlocutors, it takes time to filter who answered whom. Still, there is a great opportunity to quote someone.

Video chats and voice chats on this amazing website are also provided. Ferzu users are often ready to communicate because of the desire to learn the partner’s language. Some are happy to communicate with their voices. One way or another, there are much more interlocutors in a regular text chat with the best terms of use.

Ferzu Pros & Cons



Overall Ferzu Rating

Quality Matches9.7/10.0
Ease to Use9.8/10.0

Is Ferzu Legit?

Using the materials of this incomparable hookup site is possible with an active hyperlink to this resource. The use of any photographic materials is permissible with the written permission of the site administration.

The placement of any objects of intellectual or other property (porn video, nude photo) on the site is allowed to persons who have the rights for this placement. The site contains materials intended for persons over 18 years of age.

All information regarding the legitimacy of this amazing hookup service, the cost of paid features and services, VIPs and Premium for informational purposes is available in a separate section.

Ferzu features

How to Sign Up For Ferzu?

The Ferzu sign up process is great in its straightforwardness. Each Ferzu account can be created after the completion of the registration process. This reliable and well-designed dating platform includes a simple registration procedure. Some applications allow you not to register but to use the service as a guest. The so-called “Guest Mode” in such applications does not require entering information about a person and does not verify it which is the good news.

All you need to do is enter your username and click the “Login” button to make a Ferzu log in operation further. Registration on Ferzu is free and takes a few minutes. First, agree to the site’s terms of use and confirm that you are at least 18 years of age. This is the main rule of registration on this reliable site. Ferzu asks its subscribers to go through user verification and register in the “Join us” section.

Then, a window will simply open with registration fields such as username, email address, and date of birth. Then enter the gender of the person you are in order to find the best sex partner. You can choose among male, female, transgender, masculine, female, androgynous, non-binary, and other members of the adult community. Simply choose who you are interested in.

Next, confirm that you are a living person and accept the “Membership Agreement”. After that, click on the “Join us” button and wait for a confirmation email to be sent to your mail address. Follow the link in the letter and you will have a valid password and login. It remains to return to the main page of the site and enter these data in the “Login” section.

Some Interesting Facts About Ferzu

  1. Based on fantasy furry heroes;
  2. Variety of options to find the perfect sex match;
  3. Originality of the design and the simplicity of the interface attracts more and more lustful adults;
  4. Possibility to blog, give advice and speak on frank topics within the platform.

Are There Real Matches on Ferzu?

Ferzu is a fantastic hookup platform focused on the “furry” community. After reviewing Ferzu, it becomes clear that the site has about 70,000 active adult users. Moreover, their number is increasing every day.

Most of the site’s users are sexy people over 18 years old. Ferzu welcomes all sexual members regardless of their sexual preferences. The members of the website are people who are referred to as their favorite anime characters. They aim to find someone sexually or platonically.

What are the user’s conclusions about the site’s friends, life partners, date, or short flings? Most of the members are seeking ideal life partners as marriage is their ultimate goal. Others simply want to connect with someone who can understand their sexual preferences and is willing to enter into a one-time relationship.

The main ruleswhen using the site are: you are 18 years of age (since they respect the rules of confidentiality). In the case of providing reliable information, each user of the site takes responsibility and can use this amazing site without restrictions. Since the information is verified, there is a guarantee that the user profiles are real. Be vigilant when choosing someone significant. It all depends on you how safe and comfortable your communication will be in a virtual environment.

Ferzu create account

Is Ferzu Easy to Use?

A user can use incomparable Ferzu website and the application at the same time as they are interchangeable. Installing a convenient application for a mobile phone, you get the same functions as in the desktop version of the site, namely:

Users who want to stay online around the clock can install the application on iOS or Android. This amazing app is freely available on the Apple App Store or Google Play Store. The application uses the API of its device and is designed specifically for small screens. With this advanced mobile app, you can chat on the go and never miss messages from your favorites.

Push notifications will be sent to your inbox to let you know about new messages. The features and functionality of the app are similar to a Ferzu website. The slight differences are that you can tap instead of click and log in from anywhere with your smartphone. The app offers several free features to participate in the chat and receive notifications. You can view other members’ profiles, access wall posts, comment on photos and the news feed. Ferzu mobile application is optimized for small screens of mobile devices.

How Much Does Ferzu Cost? 

1 month$7.99
3 months$19.99
12 months$59.99

Are There Any Free Features?

Standard members have access to the offered features on the site including:

Premium members can enjoy the following features:

Ferzu app

Customer Support

Providing quality service is one of the most important advantages of quality customer support. A person’s impression of the service can affect personal perception of the work of the entire company. The good word about Ferzu’s hookup service spreads much faster. So, by providing a quality service to their customers, they are prone to get even more customers.

The ideal support service of this adult platform is readily available. You will certainly enjoy knocking on the open door of the service department and drinking tea with buns while waiting for your turn. Ideally, access is also around the clock. Agree, it’s nice to know that your questions can be solved at any time of the day or night.

A satisfied customer is a regular customer. A regular customer is a potential follower of the company. And what could be better for a company than customers who constantly increase its income? In addition, nothing raises the image of a company like a good review from its client! It turns out a cycle: a good image of the company is new customers, new partnerships and additional profit.

Is Ferzu Worth It?

Ferzu is a worthy hookup site when your primary goal is to get the most suitable sexual partner. This excekkent platform takes its rightful place among the furry dating sites. It provides many quality features and helps furries find their perfect soul mate in their area. What’s more, this great dating platform doesn’t cost much for the average user. Thus, you can achieve your goals for a modest fee saving your money.

Using this worthy portal is very convenient. Its laconic layout (as well as a calm color scheme) set the players in a soothing mood. Compared to other furry dating sites, it provides also free services. The huge audience proves that Ferzu is trying to do a lot to attract new users. Soon the dating site will introduce more free features and become even better.

This great adult platform is a nice choice if you love role-playing games involving fictional creatures whose structure consists of the characteristics of both humans and animals. One of the biggest assets is the community of extraordinary members. It is a good place to chat with someone and exchange interesting thoughts and ideas. It is also a place where you will find an impressive one-night stand.