Free Dating Sites to Meet Cougars in 2023

May 2, 2023 Rory Pollard

These days, people want to expand their boundaries as much as possible. And this is the case not only with travel but also with relationships. Cougar hookup free was created for those who would like to mix maturity in their couple. Many men worldwide know that women age like fine wine.


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Chatting via SMS will bring much more fun than ever with the help of a well-developed system. The main objective of this article is to illustrate all the necessary information about different free dating sites to meet cougars and to give clear information on where you should start.



If you’re looking to skip the traditional dating site introductions and go straight to cougar free sex, SilverSingles is the cougar hookup site that can help you do just that. This particular dating site offers its members a fun dating experience by fostering a naughty community of singles and couples. The cougar hookup site’s rules are simple – if what you see is nice, you can like it; if not, you can ignore it. The selling point of SilverSingles is its simplicity and quick results. The cougar hookup site is designed to facilitate a variety of sexual encounters, such as threesomes, dating, etc., between consenting adults. 

SilverSingles Features

SilverSingles has worked to develop an absolutely free cougar dating site. You can connect with other users and start flirting almost immediately. This is thanks to the many different tools that are available to you. For example, the “Cute or Not” tool will allow you to focus on different profiles to show your interest. Likewise, there are many other effective communication and research tools that you can use.

Some of its features include:

Pros & Cons

Pros ?Cons ?
Easily available customer serviceDoes not have a dedicated mobile application
Easily available customer serviceYou may not find any women under 35 if you have a general interest.
Quick registration processPayment renewal is automatic by default

Reviews of Users Who Use the Silversingles

I’ve been using this cougar hookup site extensively, digging into whatever features it suggested. I was rather quick on picking the cougar hookup site’s main features, getting used to a fast-matching system and the world full of cougar women looking for free sex. The best thing I can recommend to you is to get a premium subscription. Almost all the useful features of this platform require a premium account. It’s a promising account and Gloria might be the best cougar that I’ve ever seen. 


EliteSingles main page

Free cougar sex chat has never been easier than with EliteSingles, all thanks to an easy-to-use interface and minimalist design. All the tools have been well integrated into the homepage, so you don’t have to worry about searching for buttons here and there.

Even the profile you create will have a hint of minimalism, as it will only display the necessary information. Similar to other social media sites, EliteSingles profiles have a user timeline where you can share different types of content and media, such as photos and videos.

EliteSingles Features

The communication options here are fairly simple and standard. Once you find the potential member, you can send a simple welcome message or wink, start a chat session, and then add them as a friend. If communicating with the masses is your thing, you can use the FlirtCast feature once every 12 hours to send an identical generic message.

At EliteSingles, you’ll find that everyone is pretty cold and passive. Many features will help you narrow or broaden your search based on your specifications. For cougar hookup sites like this, communication is the key ingredient. That’s why you’ll see so many chat rooms where you can get actively involved; it will also establish a connection with the various users.

Pros & Cons

Pros ?Cons ?
A considerable number of members are interested in dating or hooking up with young boys.The Icebreakers are part of the premium account members
A balanced mix of users seeking long-term and short-term relationships.Sending gifts requires subscriptions
It has a large user base.Missing mobile application: this online dating platform does not have a working mobile application for its Google and iPhone members.

Reviews of Users Who Use Elitesingles

I can confidently say that EliteSingles is very popular because of its different features. It is a modern, fast-growing free chat with cougars. It is ready to change and is always looking for new ways and opportunities to attract users like me. I had some small gripes with it, like basic design and a bit of slow customer support, but I came here for cougars, and cougars is what I got. 



Cougary works by connecting like-minded people. Its main goal is to help people find a cougar free. It is a platform that connects different types of people. Anyone over the age of 18 can use this cougar hookup site. This adult website is simple to use. New accounts are only needed to sign up, add a profile picture, check their accounts and move around to find their favorite matches. This cougar hookup site has other unique features: live webcams, photos, and videos. 

Cougary Features

The design of this free cougar site is simple and easy to use. It does not require much expertise to access and also browse the features. Most of these features are user-friendly; they only need to be paid for by subscribing to the premium package.

All features are linked in a row on the left side of the website. You don’t need to search for any of these features because they are visible on their own. The colors are great. With its combination of black, white, and gray, this look makes you calm and focused while using this platform.

This online cougar hookup site has a customer service department that deals with problems and issues encountered by users of this cougar hookup site. 

Pros & Cons

Pros ?Cons ?
A considerable number of members are interested in dating or hooking up with young boys.Not too many active members per day.
Simple and direct use of the search function.The cougar hookup site is fairly new.
Users can find an important member of exceptional women.No anonymous payment methods.

Reviews of Users Who Use Cougary

I am on Cougary to meet cougars for free. For the moment, I haven’t met anyone yet, I’ve only been registered for 3 weeks. But one thing is for sure, the compatibility system is efficient: I have a lot of affinity with the singles that are proposed to me. I never thought that you can have proper matches with cougars but everything is possible in this modern world. I am hoping to get my date soon enough!



When you log into the CougarD account, the first impression is the professional design of the main page. It’s incredibly amazing; we’ve been through so many cougar hookup sites where design is their least favorite that it was refreshing to see someone give importance to looks. CougarD is a real-life cougar dating service. You’ll get what you see. 

In keeping with modern trends, CougarD offers a mobile application to its users. The app is currently only available in English. The app is ideal for users who want to flirt while waiting for the bus or during their break. 

CougarD Features

Like all other cougar dating sites free, CougarD also offers its members a fantastic option for communicating with other users. As a standard member, your means are limited; you can only notify by sending flirts. Messaging services are a luxury allowed only for premium members. Premium members can initiate interaction with a member via chat or by sending flirts, which is equivalent to the CougarD dictionary. They can also send a private email to their specific matches. 

Pros & Cons

Pros ?Cons ?
An opportunity to find your love, despite the long distances.the suggestions are based only on images, which makes the platform rather superficial;
the Ability to report any spam profile.poorly detailed profile information;
A great opportunity to record your video and upload it to your profile check;

Reviews of Users Who Use Cougard

I testify so that you know that it is possible to find free dating sites cougar! You just have to register on a serious cougar hookup site like CougarD and be persistent. It took me 2 months to meet the person I was looking for. But I assure you, it was worth it! CougarD has it all: flirting, sending gifts, video calls, etc. This is a nice space where I can chat with women all day long. The nicest thing is that they live nearby, so I am going to visit them soon!

cougar free sex

Free Online Cougar Dating Websites vs Paid Cougar Dating Websites

Now, an interesting discussion is whether one should consider free dating sites when looking for cougars. In a nutshell, it is not your best pick, but it is still possible if you’re having financial issues. Just mind that you are going to devote yourself more to those sites to meet cougars free and avoid any possible scams. Let us compare paid and free cougar hookup sites:

Huge availability to many usersHave extra features that help you communicate better with cougars
Harder to find free hot cougars as free sites tend to mix different usersAdd an unlimited number of members you can talk to per day
You are granted to stumble upon scammers and advertisingCan be a bit pricey but prove to be more effective

How We Ranked Completely Free Cougar Dating Sites

We mainly focused on sites that are mostly devoted to cougars. There are popular sites and dating apps that try to attract different people, but ultimately it can be backlash. You tend to spend lots of time searching for the group you need and then figuring out whether you enjoy their character. We try to avoid that, so we locked various cougar sites that focus more on unique means of dating mature women. Also, all of the listed cougar hookup sites got something different to offer, so you might as well delve into all of them. 

COUGAR DATING: Where To Meet Older Women (Advice for Younger Men)

If you are serious about meeting cougars online, then make sure to watch this video to get some great tips:


And this is all we have on dating free local cougars. Many men have this dream of getting on with a woman that has seen the world. We seek wisdom combined with the hotness that is underestimated by many. And the best means to get free sex cougar is to use the cougar hookup sites from our top. Remember that it is safe, though you might find yourself in a situation when a premium membership would yield better results. But isn’t it worth it? We crave hot mature women, so we might as well spend a bit of money to find them.