Detailed Review For Free Hookup Sites For Singles in 2023

May 2, 2023 Rory Pollard

In the modern world it becomes absolutely normal when people start dating journey and flirting on the Internet. A generation of young people who were born in the late 90s and early 2000s are the representatives of the people who prefer to start their communication online. Nowadays you can meet dozens and even hundreds of girls from different parts of the world even without leaving your own room. 

free hookup sites for singles

And in this matter, totally free dating apps will be handy for you. With help from these dating platforms, you can meet, communicate and even date the girls you like. What is more important is that on other sites both people who want to find love or just a hookup will find what they are looking for. But the fact is that recently there appeared a lot of fraudulent sites. And that’s why in our article we decided to collect only the trusted and reliable list of other dating sites with a detailed description for each.

AdultFriendFinder: Your Choice For Adult Relationships


We would like to start our review of the best free dating site list from AdultFriendFinder. Such best free dating apps also work for same sex couples wanting to access the online dating world. Just like other most popular dating apps, this platform is one of the most popular dating sites on the internet nowadays. As most dating apps, this free site has been existing on the market for a while, and during this time it gained an extreme amount of popularity due to its simplicity and reliability. 

On this best dating site with free version, you will find a lot of people, with whom you will be connected with your wishes and desires. What is more important is that the site will be a good suit for both men and women, because the audience here is divided approximately in half. However, we will not reveal all the cards at once and just say that this best free dating site will find something to surprise you with free version.

AdultFriendFinder Features

AdultFriendFinder is a type of hookup site that conquers its users with the simplicity of the interface and a number of useful functions. However, for people who have never used such websites before, it may become really challenging to understand all of the features at the beginning. That‘s why in this section, we’ve decided to collect the most popular, useful, and what is more important free trials AdultFriendFinder features that you will be able to use as soon as you will start your journey with this best free dating site with free version. 

Pros & Cons of AdultFriendFinder

Like any existing casual dating platform such as Facebook dating, AdultFriendFinder will not be a perfect match in all ways, since it’s simply not possible. However, that doesn’t change the fact that this best free dating site is worth a shot 100 percent. Nevertheless, we would like to be completely honest with you, and that’s why we decided to collect all of the pros and cons of the mentioned company, so it will be easier for you to come up with a decision. 

Pros ?Cons ?
Large community of active users around the world;A design of this casual dating website might look a little old-fashioned; 
Absolutely free registration on the platform, which will take a maximum of five minutes of your time;Ability to have access to all kinds of features, such as a video chat requires paid subscription; 
Wide variety of all kind of activities, such as events for swingers;A small presence of fake profiles, free accounts, and bots; 
Most users are interested in hookups and not in serious long term relationships;

Reviews of Users Who Use the AdultFriendFinder 

In this section we’d like to share with you some testimonials from the users who once chose an or other apps similar to Facebook Friends. Read on, if you are tired of Facebook dating. We hope that after reading this section, you will have a complete impression of this best free dating site and it will be much easier for you to stop the choice on one of the completely free hookup sites. 

“Once I started looking for hookup sites as Facebook Friends, I didn’t have any high expectations. To be honest, I was sure that this online dating app was not worth my attention, but when I signed up for AdultFriendFinder I completely changed my mind. The platform was full of beautiful online daters, who were not looking for any long term relationships. Practically all of the girls I met here were looking for just sex without any obligation. It was kind of fun.”

Patrick B.

“My story with AdultFriendFinder started after I broke up with my girlfriend. That time was pretty tough for me, and that’s when my friends told me about this dating app. At first, I was not sure about it at all, because my feelings were still pretty hurt. Nevertheless, I still registered on the platform and met a lot of hot girls. Recently I have been chatting with some hot girl from Chicago, so if you have doubts regarding this dating app, you should give it a try, because it’s worth a shot. Great alternative to Facebook dating.”

Tyler D.

Zoosk – Your Choice For Hookups or Something More

Zoosk main page

The next site in our list of the best free hookup sites is Zoosk. This dating app is also really popular among internet users nowadays, and for sure it isn’t inferior to AdultFriendFinder. However, it will have a lot of its own particularities that will differentiate it from other free hookup sites that we’ll also discuss in this article. Of course, it’s worth mentioning that Zoosk has more than 35 million active subscribers and around 3 million messages sent in one single day. 

Sounds like an incredible alternative to Facebook dating, isn’t it? Due to such a wide community, your chances on this dating scene platform to find your love affair are increasing significantly, however, if you decide to find a woman or man for a serious relationship Zoosk will help you with this too.

Zoosk Features

Zoosk is a perfect match platform if you want to find out what a modern hookup dating site looks like. It has a lot of different free and paid key features that are aimed to make your use of the application even more pleasant for you. From the first minutes of the Zoosk use, you will enjoy every feature that developers added to the platform’s interface, and all this helps to consider this dating site the best of the best. However, let’s put the talk aside and talk in more detail about the main free features of the application.

Pros and Cons Of Zoosk

As we already mentioned, Zoosk just as Elite Singles is a perfect tool for people who want to find different kinds of relationships. It offers a great dating pool. However, as we already mentioned, honesty is our priority, so we’ll not hide anything from you. Instead, we want to talk frankly about all the pros and cons that we have found while using this dating service after using Elite Singles. In the table below you will find out all of the advantages and disadvantages that we managed to collect during the use of the application. 

Pros ?Cons ?
Community that connects people from all over the world;Wide variety of paid features, without which will be harder to enjoy the program in full;
Potential match for people who want to find affairs and serious relationships;Some users claim that customer support leaves much to be desired;
Convenient and user-friendly interface;

In Depth Reviews of Users Who Use the Zoosk

To complete our review of the Zoosk dating site, we’d like to share with you some success stories from users who actively used Zoosk and decided to share their feedback with other people. So if you were looking for some real feedback to decide if the Zoosk is worth a try, this section will be interesting for you. 

“I started my journey with the Zoosk dating site around a year ago when I had barely spoken with anyone from my friends. During that time I felt extremely lonely and that’s when Zoosk helped me. I felt that I needed to find someone in my life, so I downloaded Zoosk and started looking for a guy. After just a few hours I met my boyfriend with whom I’m still together. I’m happy that I decided to download Zoosk once, and I’m sure that I will never regret that choice.”

Catherine S.

“I thought that I would never conquer any beautiful and sexy woman in my life, but once I saw the Zoosk dating site advertisement on the Internet. At first, I thought that it would not give any results. Nevertheless, I signed up for the platform, downloaded the app, and to my surprise, I saw a lot of beautiful girls. I started writing to each and finally, one girl answered me, we had a date, and it was the best date in my life and all thanks to Zoosk dating site. ”

Mark G.

Tinder – Best Way to Find a Date For One Night 


Tinder is one of the most popular hookup dating sites, and it’s really hard to argue with that. This online dating site has gained an extreme amount of popularity in the last few years because it is used by young people. Tinder online dating site is a perfect solution for you if you want to find a date for one night. Be sure that once you download Tinder to your phone, you will never regret it, and most likely that you will end up in the arms of some beauty or some handsome guy. This free dating app has a tremendous community; most importantly, men and women are equally divided here. So, you should not worry, because everyone here will find a person to spend time with. Meanwhile, we are starting our review of the main Tinder features. 

Tinder Features

Tinder is a kind of application that has different kinds of free features available at the moment. What is more important is that the list of free and paid features is always growing. We can see that the developers of Tinder are interested in adding new functionality since with every release of every new version of Tinder, there are a bunch of different features. We can definitely say that Tinder has the kind of features that you will never see on some other online dating sites, so let’s take a closer look at them. 

Pros and Cons of Tinder

As you already understood, our feature is to talk about every online dating website without any prejudice. We take the same approach for every free hookup site for singles, and that’s why in this section we’ve collected the main pros and cons of Tinder. So it will be easier for you to complete your opinion regarding this incredible application. 

Pros ?Cons ?
Huge community of women who don’t look for a serious relationship;Like any premium hookup site for singles, Tinder offers subscription plans, at prices above market;
User-friendly dating website and exceptional applications for Android and IOS systems;Community of men who use the popular dating app is slightly bigger than the community of women; 
Ability to hook up people absolutely free;

Reviews of Users Who Use Tinder

During our advanced search for the users’ testimonials related to the Tinder application we have met dozens of different positive stories. It was really hard for us to choose only two of them, since the amount is pretty impressive. So, here are two stories that might be really interesting for you. 

“It was just a usual day after college, I didn’t do anything fun, and by the way recently broke up with my girlfriend. I was surfing the net when I saw the ad on Tinder. Since I didn’t do anything, I decided to download the app to my phone. As a result, I surfed via the app for a couple of hours and met a few sexy girls for just one night. This popular online dating app is a marvel.”

Tom H.

“I have never paid special attention to any of the dating apps in my life. However, one day my best friend Amy told me that she met her boyfriend on Tinder. After that, I immediately downloaded the app to my phone and started scrolling. I continued to actively use the application for a couple of days and one night I met Peter, my boyfriend. We set up our date just after a few messages and I’m so happy that I downloaded the app back then.”

Mary J.

Match: Your Chance to Find Your Crush main page

Match is a pioneer among other online dating sites. The story of this dating site began in 1995, way before the first hookup apps for smartphones were released. For more than 25 years Match has been helping people to find their crushes. At this moment, the community of the Match is counting around 39 million active users. By the way, Match is one of the most popular dating sites in the U.S., and despite the time that the application has already existed, it continues to develop and only gets better.

Match Features

During 27 years of helping people with their love stories has implemented a wide variety of different features just as other dating sites and other dating apps. In this section, we’d like to take a closer look at the most popular of the app’s features.

Pros and Cons of Match

As you already know, part of our review includes providing pros and cons for every app that we’re reviewing in our article. And in this section, we have collected the main pros and cons that you will face during your use of the Match. So if you want to find out more about the Match dating app, read this section.

Pros ?Cons ?
A wide variety of paid and unpaid features;Some of the users noted that there are not too many active users nowadays;
Providing personalized recommendations for your potential matches;Necessity to pay to receive the best features; 
Good customization for users’ dating profiles allows you to share a lot of information about yourself.

Reviews of Users Who Use Match 

During these years there were thousands if not millions, of users, who found their love with the help of this service. And in this section, we’d like to share with you some of them.

“I used the app to browse profiles a couple of years ago, and during the period of usage most of the time, I was satisfied with the app. However, it’s also worth mentioning that the app is better for finding serious relationships and not just hooking up random girls. Nevertheless, it was still pretty fun to use it.”

Cody G. 

“I will be pretty honest with you when I say that I didn’t set high expectations for Match when I decided to browse profiles there. To be honest, I didn’t expect anything from it, however, when I started actively using this app, I understood why everyone liked it so much. As a result, I met a girl with whom we’re dating for a couple of months now.”

Jordan B.

OkCupid: Your Personal Cupid Online 


OkCupid hookup site for singles is the last but not least in our list of the best free dating sites. When you first open the app, at the first glance it will look like this site is another hookup site for singles. However, everything is not that simple, OkCupid is a perfect tool for people who don’t want to download the app to their phone and use it from the computer. By the way, here you will not have to scroll through a lot of profiles, like on Tinder, instead, you can set up search filters. However, let’s find out more about the features of OkCupid.

OkCupid Features

If you want to start the use of OkCupid successfully you need to know about some of the best OkCupid features that you will be able to use during your searches of your couple. So, here are some of them: 

Pros and Cons of OkCupid

Despite the wide variety of interesting and useful features, we all know that perfect services are not exciting. All programs can have their advantages and disadvantages, so we would like to share with you some that are related to OkCupid.

Pros ?Cons ?
Ability to use the free app mostly for free;A lot of the ads in the free version of the app; 
Convenient searching system, that helps you to find a suitable match;Searching system sometimes may provide not suitable potential matches; 

Reviews of Users Who Use OkCupid

Want to know what experienced users think about OkCupid? Then read this section, where we have collected the most interesting testimonials on OkCupid applications from all over the internet. 

“I always wanted to find a woman who would become my lover and my friend. I never thought that I would be able to find the love of my life with the help of a dating app. However, OkCupid really helped me in this matter.”

Walter H. 

“I’m a kind of a woman who prefers dating in life, and not online. However, once my friend told me about OkCupid. I thought that she was joking, but didn’t want to hurt my friend. However, to my surprise, the app was pretty cool, and by the way, with the help of OkCupid, I’m going on a date today. ”

Marla S.
popular free hookup sites for singles

Free Hookup Sites VS Paid Hookup Sites For Singles 

In this table, we have collected the free and paid best dating sites for singles.

Best Free Dating Sites for SinglesPaid Best Dating Sites For Singles
HingeAshley Madison

How We Ranked Free Best Dating Sites

To create this article we have carefully checked all the information regarding the described services in order to provide you with our rank of best free dating sites. Before writing the article we carefully checked each of the described services to receive a better understanding of the platform and to share this information with you. 

Best Free Dating Sites Selection

Make sure to watch this video to learn more about selecting and using best free online dating sites:


In our review, we have collected top-of-the-free dating sites. We totally understand how challenging it’s to find a partner for relationships these days. But, it’s worth mentioning that paid dating sites are a perfect solution for this matter. We really hope that the list of web version dating websites that we have provided to you in this section will be useful for you and that you will find your favorite hookup site for singles among the described services.