MillionairesClub123 Reviews

May 2, 2023 Colin Albertson

Millionaires Club 123 is a dating platform focused on helping you achieve that at a very high level. If you are a millionaire and you want to find the right date for you, then Patti Stanger will help you do that.


Well, who is the person of this dating platform? She is widely known as the Millionaire Matchmaker from the hit Bravo TV show. And she created quite the reputation online for making it easy for millionaires to find matches at a very high level. She knows how important it is to find the right match without having to spend a lot of time looking for it. Millionaires are busy, so Patti acts as their cupid and she works hard to ensure that she finds the right match for any millionaire regardless of the situation. She is an extremely hard worker, dedicated to helping others find true love in a great manner.

What makes this site unique?

The best thing about this website is obviously the fact that you get services from a vetted matchmaker. You rarely have this type of benefits and services available, so it makes a lot of sense to work with a dedicated professional that has experience in this field. It always helps a lot and it will give you all the support you want without rushing or pushing things too much. That really makes the difference and you will like how everything falls together in the way you always wanted.

You can also join for free if you’re not a millionaire. This way Millionaires Club creates a great database of both men and women that might be a good match for a millionaire. It’s the best of both worlds and it will bring in front the necessary support and assistance. Even if you’re not a millionaire but you’re still looking for love, this is the right thing to help you and that’s exactly what you need to think about at the end of the day. You will have to fill the application and wait for the approval. That’s a good thing, because it shows that they actually care about the quality of those persons on the site. Then again, we didn’t hear about any person not being accepted, so there’s that.

Unique features

Right off the bat, the sheer idea behind the site is rather unique. It’s similar to a sugar daddy website for example, but it also comes with elements from dating websites too. This is the best of both worlds and it totally brings in front the type of results you want without that much of a hassle. The website has a 99% success rate, so it’s very likely that you will find true love if you’re using Millionaires Club for sure.

On top of that, this comes with support for both international and US dating. It helps a lot because it delivers a great array of benefits since you have international exposure, not just the local one. And yes, you also get to work with dating coaches, matchmakers and stylists. That’s definitely different and it brings in front all the help that you may need without having to worry about any problems!

Personal consultations with Patti

You can have a personal consultation with Patti and the prices will differ. If you go by phone, it will be $750 for 30 minutes, $1000 for an hour and $3500 for 5 coaching calls. She also does psychic readings that can be anywhere from $1000 or up to $10000 if you want that to be in-person. She also does FaceTime sessions and you can pay $10000 for a personal lunch with her. There’s also the option to have a weekend with Patti and the Staff, they will charge you upon request.

Membership fees

There are 4 memberships ranging from Bronze to Silver, Gold and Platinum. The least expensive one is $45k, then it goes up with $65k, $85k and $100k. You get a year of unlimited dating, and you will also get coaching sessions and support. Every package has something different, with the more expensive ones bringing you the personal counseling from Patti herself if you want.

Is this a good option for you?

The main downside for Millionaires Club is definitely the fact that the cheapest option is above many person’s salaries in the US. So this is clearly a website for people that have a lot of money and which are looking for true love. It’s definitely something unique and different and it brings in some unique options. However, you need to have the right amount of money.

Website itself is great, you have access to the features you want and they do help you well. There are success stories online after using the Millionaires Club program. But then again the fee is very high and that will keep a lot of people away. On the other hand, you can join for free if you want to be in their database. That can be very handy because it gives you quite the support and assistance as you try to make the right choice. You can still be found by millionaires, you just won’t have direct access to them and that can be a bummer.

Overall, Millionaires Club is a great dating website. The downside is definitely the very expensive fees that Patti charges for these services. Even at the high price points, you’re not guaranteed that you will talk with Patti herself. And if you do want a personal consultation, that can also be quite expensive too. At the end of the day, Patti strives to provide world-class dating services, and she can ask whatever price feels justified. However, these prices are way too expensive for most people. Yet if you’re a millionaire and you can afford such a service, finding true love will be a lot easier!