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May 2, 2023 Nicola Ayrton

More people are turning to hookups and forfeiting long-term relationships because truth be told, in today’s world it is difficult to maintain just one partner. People today are honest with themselves and sexually liberated. They know what they want, are open-minded, and crave sexual adventures that can only be fulfilled through online platforms like Socialsex. This is a platform that has existed for a while and many people who have used it can attest to its success as evident in the numerous SocialSex reviews. 


It has connected thousands who are looking for an easy hookup that is also discreet. You are going to love the features, the costs, the online experience, the connections, and everything else that SocialSex is going to offer you. This review will tell you everything you need to know about signing up and immersing yourself into this exciting online experience. 

If you are contemplating joining SocialSex then this means you are eager to explore your sexuality through casual relationships and quick hookups with new and interesting partners. The site has a great number of active users with more males than females. Members of all genders and sexual orientations can thrive on SocialSex.

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What Is SocialSex?

So what is SocialSex is a resourceful adult online platform where singles, couples, and anyone can get hooked up and find quick sex or amazing sexual adventures of their choosing with like-minded partners. 

You will find both couples and singles who want hookup, and as long as you are 18 year old and above, you are welcome to signup, create a profile and meet interesting people. With most members of the site being between 18 to 24 years old, you can be assured of a fun hookup experience through a variety of young and eager partners. SocialSex is only available in the United States and Canada, and this is why when compared to similar site which are available globally, the site has a smaller population. 

Pros And Cons Of SocialSex Dating Site 

Here are the pros and cons of SocialSex worth noting. 



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Overall SocialSex Rating 

Category Score 
Quality Matches 9.7/10.0
Features 9.5/10.0
Ease Of Use 9.8/10.0
Support 9.6/10.0
Cost 9.2/10.0

Is SocialSex Legit?

SocialSex is a very legit hookup site that gives people real connections and is very safe, especially when it comes to online transactions. Members will access more features as a premium member, you can still initiate contact from other members by creating an eye-catching profile and sending flirts to show interest. 

Members will get matches based on location, and they have the option to report and block any abusive and suspicious profiles they come across. If you are a premium user, you also get to view real hardcore porn videos and intimate photos of potential hookups and even request for dates. 

With an amazing chat feature for advanced search options like gender, sexual orientation, age, sexual interests, location by miles in radius, and address. So is SocialSex safe and legit? There is no doubt that SocialSex is a very legit dating site that will deliver as per expectations. 

What Is The Registration Process Of SocialSex?

According to most reviews, the registration process of SocialSex is smooth and flawless. First, you will create an account at the site for free, and only basic information will be required. You will need an email address, and email verification will always be part of the registration process. 

It is not a complicated process at all, and all you need to do is answer a few questions and have that valid email address to create a legitimate account. 

After you access the sign-up page on SocialSex, you will find the options to answer the question, “Who are you looking to meet?” You will then have the options to click, such as “a guy”, ”a girl”, “a couple”, and “a trans”. After that, you can click next and declare your age by filling in your date of birth, your location, which should comprise of country, state, and city. 

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You will then need to fill in the kind of sexual relationship you are looking for, and you can give further details such as if you would love oral sex, or anal sex ad be specific about your sexual fetishes, if any. Being specific in your signup process will help you find someone that you really need. 

The last part of the signup process is where you fill in your desired UserID, which should be unique because an already existing one will not be accepted. You will fill in your email and the password and then click submit if you agree to the terms and conditions and along with the privacy policy. You can also choose to allow the site to send you promotional emails or not. 

You will then need to go through an email verification process to verify your account, and after you do this, your account will be activated, you can access the homepage and add a profile picture and other attractive photos to your profile. 

Real Users Experience At SocialSex 

“SocialSex is everything it said it would be and exceeded my expectations by a great margin. I love my experience on the site because I have met the most sexually liberated individuals there who have made my life worth living and so enjoyable. I will always treasure this site for making me explore all the uncharted waters of my sexuality.”

Arthur M.

“There was a time I couldn’t meet anyone I wanted to within my social circles no matter how hard I tried. My social skills could not allow but little did i know that I could hookup so easily until i stumbled upon Socialsex. This platform has made me feel the most confident I have ever felt in my life. I met people who like me desperately needed genuine hookups and well, lets just say the fun is more than I could ever imagine. Totally worth signing up!”

Rachel B. 

“SocialSex did not disappoint. It was everything it said it would be according to the reviews I read prior to signing up. I love that it has this smooth registration process and that the people you meet are genuine. I think aside from the update the site obviously needs, it is a great platform to hookup and have the wildest sex with like-minded people! I know because I have used it and still do to-date”

Carlos G. 

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“With all my relationships not working, I realized I was looking for partners in the wrong place all along. I didn’t need the constraints that came with long-term committed relationships but I needed the carefree hookups, which I was not getting until I found SocialSex. I have been hooking up with people on this site for years, and I must say that I am not stopping soon. I believe i will meet the love of my life one day and i hope to meet the on SocialSex because this platform has made all my wildest sexual dreams come true.” 

Amalya W. 

“I have been on the site hooking up with people for years and I must say that the years have been filled with amazing experiences which I treasure a lot. I finally met an amazing partner on SocialSex and now we are active members of the site as a couple. My relationship is everything I ever wanted because I have a partner who shares my exact sexual fetishes. Forever grateful to SocialSex” 

Chad R. 

Some Interesting Facts About SocialSex 

Unique Facts And Figures Of Hookup 

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Are There Real Matches On SocialSex?

Real matches exist on SocialSex, you just have to specify what you need. Sending and receiving messages can only be done by premium members, but as a free user, you can still initiate contact by making your profile interesting and sending flirts. 

Members on SocialSex get matches based on their location, and they can also report and block any fake profiles. As a SocialSex member, you also have the option to check out and search for members manually. But, as a premium member, you can take advantage of the advanced search tool, which will enable you to search for members using search filters such as Gender, age, sexual interests, location, and address. 

With such a high number of legit profiles on the SocialSex site, the chances of getting real and quality matches on this platform are very high. Which is why the site guarantees its members of getting laid many times within the first 100 days of signing up.

Is SocialSex Easy To Use? 

So how does SocialSex work? As much as SocialSex lacks a mobile application, it does have a mobile version which poses a few challenges, but it is still easy to use with the right browser. The platform has various functionalities to make your experience amazing. 

With special features like live webcams, which will make it easy to connect to live members, and video chats which allow you to meet potential hookups through clear video calls, there is no doubt that this platform is easy to use.

There are also other communication features which make it easy to connect with others and get laid whenever you wish to. The platform might need an upgrade, but it is very easy to use, which is why members are signing up to the site by the thousands every day. 

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How Much Does SocialSex Cost?

The premium SocialSex cost is quite affordable and with each type of membership comes various features you will find very useful during your journey of finding hookups. 

The Gold membership has perks like, taking you on top of the search result, access to hardcore porn videos, access to other members’ webcams, viewing other member profiles, a 100-day getting laid guarantee, easy contact of other members and an IM and chat feature. 

The Silver membership also has perks like a 100-day getting laid guarantee, viewing member profiles, contacting other members, and IM and chat. 

Membership Term Price Per Month Total Price Savings 
Basic Free Free 
Gold 1 month$34.95$34.95
Gold 3 months$23.32$69.9633%
Gold 12 months $12.50 $150.0064% 
Silver 3 days $ 1.95$5.85 
Silver 1 month $29.95 $29.95 48%
Silver 3 months $19.98 $59.94 65%

Payments can be made through credit card or checking out. All plans on the site have auto renew default settings. However, you have the option to adjust this setting as per your wishes. If you wish to cancel your premium plan, you can do so whenever you wish. 

You can also take advantage of the coupons that become available for gold membership users. You can also earn credit and bonus points during your active sessions on the site. 

SocialSex testimonials

Are There Any Free Features On SocialSex?

SocialSex has free features too, which can make your experience good but to have a better experience getting the fee-based features is advisable. Some free features are: 

Registration And Profile Customization

SocialSex allows you to sign up for free and customize your profile in any way you wish to. You can put as much information as you wish to on your profile to attract the partners you want. You can add pictures, descriptions of yourself and the kind of partner you want, along with your sexual preferences and tastes. This can be done for free and will help you garner interest from the ideal matches on the platform after that SocialSex log in.

Viewing Profiles 

SocialSex allows you to view profiles for free. You can check out potential matches manually by viewing those profiles that have attracted you. This makes hooking up easier because you get to browse through the thousands of ideal matches.

Sending Flirts 

You can initiate contact with members who you feel attracted to by sending flirts which is free. This makes connections easier and allows you to reach out to the people you like easily and have them respond. 

Customer Support 

The customer support of the site comprises a very supportive support team. Apart from actual people behind the customer support, there are answers to questions you might have about the site on the platform in the FAQ section. The section is rich with information, instructions, and satisfactory answers to all questions that you might have. The platform is run by SocialSex Inc., and in case you feel you need more clarity on certain issues, you can always reach out to the customer support team through the contact form on the site. 

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Is SocialSex Worth It? 

So is SocialSex good for you? In an era where online dating is the norm, and many platforms exist to give you such an experience, finding the best one should be top priority. After this detailed review of Socialsex, it is safe to say that this platform ranks among the top hookup platforms. 

With its exclusive features, affordable memberships, a great customer support team, and interesting people with attractive profiles, SocialSex is worth it. A site that guarantees you to get laid within the first 100 days is legit and worth signing up with as many positive reviews have confirmed that the hookup platform truly delivers on its word. The truth about SocialSex is that it is worth creating that SocialSex account.