May 2, 2023 Rory Pollard

Many rumors are circulating on the Internet about the adult site Uberhorny. For example, there are often comments about the extraordinary effectiveness of finding sex partners thanks to this platform. Others claim that the resource is the best free dating site. Of course, one cannot do without statements about the birth of a social network for adults and much more. And to find out which information is accurate and which is slightly exaggerated, you should read our Uberhorny review.

In the text below, you will learn about the most important aspects of this website. We will talk about the advantages and disadvantages, the correct decisions of developers, and elements that still need to be worked on. Unlike many other reviews, the reader learns the truth about the registration process and the convenience of the site for new users. Interesting information and objective ratings are separate sections of the review. And, of course, we will share reliable information about free services, customer service, and general impressions.

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What Is Uberhorny?

Uberhorny is mostly called a dating site for adults. But in fact, it is a multifunctional platform with many services and tools. One of which is a dating service for communication, casual sex, or fulfilling other sexual fantasies. However, even this explanation does not reveal the essence of this wonderful website.

While doing this review, the thoughtfulness and high-quality development of the platform immediately caught our attention. The developers have created an extraordinarily complex and user-friendly interface. And the registration process, despite its many levels, is an example of brevity.

It is worth noting that matchmaking is the main service of the site, but not the only one. Chat, gallery, video calls, the ability to leave links, and more are available to the user. Clients highlight a specialization that is not obvious on other resources – the search for couples. In addition to the regular straight and gay dates, Uberhorny singles out a third category of couples. This step allows you to find a partner to fulfill your sexual desires.

Currently, the site only works in the United States and Canada markets. But given the high quality of the platform, the geography of Uberhorny users will expand in the coming years.

Pros And Cons Of Uberhorny



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Overall Uberhorny Rating

Category Score
Registered Users Base 8/10
Active users base 8/10
Free features 9/10
Good for hookup 10/10
Customer Support 8/10
Overall 8,6/10

Is Uberhorny Legit?

The question of the legality of hookup sites has been relevant since the beginning of this industry. After all, many fraudsters took advantage of people’s trust. But they provided services without permits and obligations.

Fortunately, in the case of Uberhorny, all laws were followed because the site functions legally. The platform works using a telecommunications license. The company’s main office is located at 705 Washington Ave Fl 2, Miami Beach, Florida, 33139, United States.

Fifteen years since its creation, this resource has proven its reliability. For the security of its customers, the site uses the best data protection systems. And the company’s portfolio includes the use of licensed Google products. Summarizing, it is worth noting that the platform is responsible for legal norms and is concerned about its good reputation. Perhaps that is why the company continues to grow and develop.

Uberhorny sign up process

Uberhorny Sign Up Process

In order to find a hookup partner or satisfy your sexual desires, you must go through the registration process. Signing up on the platform is quite simple and begins with a click on the “Registration” icon. After that, the guest will be asked to answer several questions. This process is performed in the form of a step-by-step questionnaire. Every client must answer on following nine questions:

In summary, we can say that the registration process is quite simple. And depending on the client, you can complete all nine steps in 2-5 minutes. After that, a verification code will be sent to the user’s email. Having entered the site with the help of this code, the client undergoes an initial check.

Interesting Facts About Uberhorny Website

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Are There Real Matches On Uberhorny Dating Site?

All Uberhorny users have one thing in common – the desire to communicate with real people. And it doesn’t matter whether it’s casual sex or fulfilling your erotic desires online. Unfortunately, along with fraudsters, as in real life, there are also annoying spam bots on hookup sites. That’s why many well-executed sites got a negative review or a bad reputation because of such flaws. For this reason, it is so important that there are real matches on the site.

And after finishing a review of Uberhorny, we are confident that this platform works hard to meet customers’ needs. It is worth noting several ways that Uberhorny uses to keep only real users. First, the combined multi-step registration process screens out a large number of bots and malware. Secondly, a large team of professional moderators constantly checks already existing profiles. Thirdly, customer service checks customer complaints regarding possible fake accounts in a short period of time.

For the most part, thanks to such measures, the site remains quite popular. And also regularly attract new customers. In conclusion, it is worth noting that most reviews positively evaluate the number of real matches.

Is Uberhorny Good For New Users?

Uberhorny is pretty easy for a new user compared to most dating sites. The registration process is divided into several short stages, which motivate the creation of a profile. The site’s design is quite minimalistic and not overloaded with unnecessary icons. All pages of the platform are made in the same style and color.

Most of the volume of the page is occupied by a window with photos of potential partners. At the same time, the site has already considered the client’s wishes during registration. That is why clients can filter the profiles by sexual preferences and the closest place of residence. This design is user-friendly and somewhat resembles typical social networks or online stores. The Uberhorny log in icon is conveniently placed in the top-right corner of the screen too.

In the right part of the main page, there is another mandatory aspect for hookup sites – the messages section. This solution allows a new user to notice messages from potential partners immediately. In this section, information about profiles that are interested in the client or can match according to the indicated sexual preferences also appears.

When reviewing Uberhorny, we concluded that the creators considered the needs of new users. And it was possible to create a convenient and simple site.

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What Is Uberhorny Cost Ranges?

Term Full Price Price Per Day
2 days trial USD 0,95 USD 0,48
1 week USD 9,95 USD 1,4
1 month USD 34,95 USD 1,1
6 month USD 69,95 USD 0,38
12 month USD 119,95 USD 0,32

Uberhorny Free Features

The site offers users a wide range of free services. And this list includes both the most basic and more unique options. After using the site for some time, we divided the free services into two levels, unlimited and limited. The first option includes services that are disposable or that can be used an unlimited number of times. Among these, the following can be distinguished:

The rest of the free services have a limit on the number of uses. In general, such activities can be considered informative. And although there are quite a lot of such services, the following are considered the most important:

Undoubtedly, such an assortment of services for which there is no need to pay gives Uberhorny an advantage over other similar platforms. However, we advise you to try and test all the functionality the website offers before buying premium packages.

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Customer Support

Customer support is often an underestimated aspect of an online hookup site. But we understand the importance of communication between the client and the operator. That is why we checked the work of this department of the platform. And must recognize that the level of user service meets generally accepted standards. Customer support operates 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Administrators and moderators process appeals and complaints without weekends or lunch breaks.

If you have any questions or concerns, you can contact the customer support team using several options:

It should be noted that before contacting customer support, you should check the Q&A section first. This tip is much more important than most new users think. After all, 90% of the answers to typical questions can be found in that section.

Uberhorny testimonials

Is Uberhorny Site Worth It?

Based on the rich experience of using various dating sites, we made several conclusions. And although certain assessments may be subjective, in general, the given observations are honest and objective.

First of all, it should be noted that Uberhorny is a matchmaking resource for adults. Although, in theory, it is possible to find love with its help, the main goal is different. Namely, the search for a partner (partners) to satisfy sexual needs and desires. And the platform copes with this task perfectly.

The developers also did a great job from a technical point of view. All Uberhorny reviews agree that the site is user-friendly, and the interface is not loaded with icons and advertisements. The sections are made in such a way that they remind everyone of familiar social networks or email accounts. The platform does not freeze, which indicates high-quality optimization.

The site operates completely legally. And the company’s office is located at 705 Washington Ave Fl 2, Miami Beach, Florida, 33139, United States. Also, the site puts data security first and foremost by using a high-quality security system. As a result, during the 15 years of the platform’s existence, not a single leak of customers’ personal data has been recorded.

The registration process takes a few minutes, which is the market average. However, this decision of the developers is explained by several motives. Firstly, a detailed registration form helps to find a match later. Secondly, the multi-step, detailed registration process screens out most malware and spam bots. It partially explains how does Uberhorny work so effectively in the overcrowded industry.

It is also worth noting a relatively large number of free functions. Developers made such a step to increase site attractiveness for new users. At the same time, packages of paid services are affordable for any client or couple. In conclusion, all the positives and negatives have to agree that Uberhorny is one hundred percent worth it.