A Trustworthy Xmatch Review

May 2, 2023 Rory Pollard

In this era of sexual liberation where people are aware of their sexual needs and know exactly what they want, platforms that meet the needs of the public have sprung up. There are now hookup platforms specializing in XXX dating that can give you that amazing experience that will make your life more exciting. There is one hookup platform that will do all that for you and a lot more and this is none other than Xmatch. By the time you finish reading this review of Xmatch, you will understand what the hype about this platform is all about. 


What Is Xmatch? 

So what is Xmatch.com? You are probably wondering what it is and why it is special. Xmatch is a popular hookup platform that has been gaining numbers and quickly becoming the preferred choice for many. It is an online adult dating platform created mainly to cater to people who are open to embracing their sexuality and meeting new people for new sexual adventures. 

This platform was first created in 1996 by the Friend Finder Network from Australia. It wasn’t a great platform initially but slowly by slowly it become so popular. With the years it has been upgraded and modern features have been added to make it agreeable with the current users. Currently, the platform boasts 8 million members from all parts of the world. The target audience for Xmatch comes from different countries such as Brazil, the United States, and Canada. Canada and Brazil are the two countries with the highest usability. It offers many features, all designed to get you the ideal partner especially if you are looking for a fling. Having been so long in the game and understanding its audience Xmatch continues to be a leader among the adult dating platforms today.

xmatch main page

The Pros and Cons of the Xmatch Dating Site

There are various pros and cons of Xmatch and they are as follows: 



Overall Xmatch Rating 

Quality Matches9.7/10
Ease Of Use9.8/10
Support 9.0/10
Cost 8.5/10

Is Xmatch Legit?

Xmatch was created under the Friend Finder Network and it has the look and feel of all the other sites created under the same umbrella. It is a very legitimate site with all the features well-organized and accessed by users to enhance their online dating experience. The Xmatch site is known to enhance their experience, especially where they have create web journals, personal stories and interact with one another. 

According to numerous Xmatch reviews, Xmatch users have found this site quite useful in getting them the kind of sexual experience they need. People have formed both long-term and short-term relationships that have been absolutely rewarding. The Xmatch website has this very active matchmaking process that accommodates all people with every kind of sexual fetish and helps them find the ideal sexual partner manually. With the number of matches being unlimited daily, the truth about Xmatch is that it is a very legit adult dating site that will really give your sex life a great turnaround. 

Xmatch has really tried to create this legitimate online platform that also encourages users to authenticate their accounts and offers a verification badge in the process. The verification badge gives credibility to members and reduces cases of scams and fake profiles. 

xmatch how it works

The Xmatch Registration Process

When you visit the site for registration, you will gain access to the registration form where you will begin your journey to finding your perfect partner. You will encounter juicy content on the home page which can be a bit distracting but also quite encouraging. The Xmatch signup process is easy but requires time because it is a five-step process. You will need to put in information such as your gender, location, age group, and zip code. 

After filling in the relevant information, you will then proceed to another registration page which the site redirects you to. In this other page, you will fill in deeper information about yourself. Next, you will fill in your birth date and location which will require your zip code again. Next, you must choose your username, secret key, and a valid email and carry out an activation by email. You will also need to describe your sexual orientation, race, physique, and marital status. 

Before you activate your Xmatch account, which is the last step, you must fill the “More About You” section. You must then make an introduction title which will appear on your profile as the main headline. There is also the “About Me” area which you must also fill because it is the first thing that anyone who comes into contact with your profile will see. If you are not gifted in words, don’t worry, the site has a few templates and ideas to offer you inspiration to write attractive information about yourself. After you get the Xmatch log in details, you can then log in anytime you want.

Some Interesting Facts About Xmatch

Unique facts and figures of SugarDaddyForMe:

xmatch create account

Are There Real Matches On Xmatch? 

There are many real matches on Xmatch even when it is a great challenge to determine the authenticity of profiles. With no real numbers revealed, Xmatch will have a few fake profiles just like it is common with every XXX site. With most people not wanting to reveal their real information or identity, most will use names that are not their own. But, this doesn’t make them less real because thee are real people behind those accounts who want to find a hookup. These people just choose not to use their real names to protect their privacy. 

Still even when the accounts don’t have their real names, there is the matter of authentication which when done right, the site gives the member a verification badge. So even if the name behind the account is a pseudonym, the verification badge will tell you that the account is real. 

Is Xmatch Easy To Use?

One thing about Xmatch is that it is not complicated at all. So how does Xmatch work? The interface is very simple with clear and accessible tabs and buttons. The platform can be comfortably used by people of all ages from 18 years and above with different sexual tastes. There is an active matchmaking process on the site and even though it is manual it is quite simple. Still, if you don’t want a manual matchmaking process, you can always opt to have the matching algorithm do the donkey work for you. 

For those who love manual match making note that all the matches are categorized into the following: 

These categories are displayed on the home screen automatically. It is up to you to choose what you want. 

Xmatch also has this array of searching options which are divided into active and passive tools. Active tools are of cause manual while passive ones are automated. With search options like New matches, Advanced Search, and Kink Search. Members Near Me and so on, you can easily find the ideal partner. Still if you don’t want to do all the searching, you can always opt to use the Hot or Not game which is a more fun way of searching for the ideal candidate. 

Overall, it is an easy platform to use and will not take you long at all to find the ideal partner. 

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How Much Does Xmatch Cost? 

Xmatch Is available to both premium and free members. However, like with all similar sites, you must upgrade your account by paying for the premium service in order to enjoy the great features that the site is offering you. The site will immediately remind you to pay your premium amount as soon as you create an Xmatch account. The option of the paid membership will always pop up when you are going through the site. The membership options are three and they are Gold Membership, Standard Contacts and Points.All these three membership options will give you perks of some kind and make your experience better on the site. The payment options are either credit card or cheque. 

The premium membership features are as follows: 

The Xmatch costs are not too expensive and can actually be ranked average. Here si the breakdown of the costs:

Duration/CreditsPer MonthTotal
Gold Membership
1 Month$39.95$39.95
3 Months$26.95$80.85
12 Months$19.95$239.40
Standard Contacts
1 Month$19.95$19.95
3 Months$11.95$35.85
12 Months$8.95$107.40
200 Credits$0.02 / Credit$3.00
500 Credits0.01 / Credit$6.00
1,000 Credits0.01 / Credit$10.00

Are There Any Free Features? 

Xmatch has free features which include the following:

Account Registration 

Account registration is free and available to all members. You don’t have to pay anything and you will access a few features for free before upgrading to premium. 

xmatch page

Account Building Features

You will also have access to all the features to build your account into this attractive profile. All the tools you need will be accessible to you. 

Basic Searching And Matching Tools 

You will have access to free basic searching and matching tools that can help you find the ideal match. They give you various search options which make the whole process easy. 

Special Feature Participation 

You will get to sample special features on the site before paying a premium membership for them. This will give you a taste of what the premium perks are all about. 

Hotlist Feature

You will get to see the list of hot potential matches you can always use to single out potential matches. 

Wink Sending 

You can always send winks to the members that you like through the wink sending feature. It is a nice flirtatious way of making contact with an attractive member of the site. 

Performance Broadcasting 

This is a great feature that showcases all your activities on the site and sees the progress you are making or the interest you are generating as a member of Xmatch. 

Customer Support

The Xmatch customer support is quite supportive and gives members priority when they air their grievances. The customer support service responds quickly to any problems and always ensures every Xmatch member has the best experience. Contacting them during the working days generates a faster response and even when a few hours elapse, the customer service will always get back to you. You can contact the customer service through live chats or filling out an inquiry form. Cases of fraud or scams are especially dealt with with a lot of urgency and severeness. 

There is also the help section where popular questions regarding certain problems are available along with answers. You can check out those questions and their answers and if your question is not featured there, then you can go ahead and contact support directly. 

Is Xmatch Worth It?

Xmatch is an amazing platform that will make all your sexual fantasies come true whether you want real sex, virtual sex, silent cam performances, sexting, and so on. The platform offers all these options such as finding casual encounters near you or far away, finding specific types of sexual encounters, and so on. It also has millions of adventurous members who also want to meet someone interested like you. 

Xmatch is a thriving community of lovers of sexual fantasies which will have you enjoying yourself tremendously. The platform lives up to its title of a great hookup site and if the Xmatch.com reviews are anything to go by, this site will really change your life and grant you the satisfaction you seek in your sexual adventures. 

The special features on the site will help you find your perfect match. Xmatch is a site that does not disappoint. Every dollar you spend on premium membership will be worth it completely. In conclusion, Xmatch is a site worth visiting.